Active online exchange 'major feature' of China's Internet

Updated: 2011-09-30 08:40


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BEIJING - A senior Chinese official said Thursday that active online exchange is a major feature of China's Internet.

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Active online exchange 'major feature' of China's Internet The 4th UK-China Internet Roundtable

Wang Chen, chief of the Information Office of the State Council, made the remarks, when addressing the fourth UK-China Internet Roundtable meeting.

"Chinese citizens have voiced their opinions over the Internet in various forms, and new Internet applications and services have provided wide space for them to interact and exchange views," Wang said.

China currently has over 300 million microbloggers, he said.

The Internet has helped government know public opinions, meet people's demands and safeguard the people's interests, he added.

"It is imperative to emphasize relevant social responsibilities so as to maintain the normal order of Internet information transmission. All stakeholders should consciously safeguard the solemnity of laws and the norms of social morality," Wang said.

"We must coordinate the safe flow and the free flow of Internet information," he said.

Over 100 representatives from governmental departments, renowned Internet enterprises and research institutes of the two countries, have gathered at the two-day roundtable meeting that will end Friday.