Vice-premier attends HKU centennial celebrations

Updated: 2011-08-18 10:22


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Vice-premier attends HKU centennial celebrations
China's Vice-Premier Li Keqiang attends a celebration ceremony marking the centennial anniversary of the founding of the Hong Kong University, Hong Kong, Aug 18, 2011. [Edmond Tang/]

HONG KONG - Visiting Chinese vice-premier Li Keqiang attended and addressed here a celebration ceremony marking the centennial anniversary of the founding of the Hong Kong University (HKU) Thursday morning.

In his address, Li announced that the central government will set up a dedicated fund to aid 1,000 HKU teachers and students to visit the mainland every year, starting in 2012. Besides, other universities in Hong Kong are encouraged to cooperate with mainland universities in order to promote educational and technological sectors in the two sides to grow together.

"The prosperity of Hong Kong and the nation requires thousands of talented people who master modern technologies and are familiar with current situation of the country. Therefore, cooperation on education between the two sides is needed," said Li.

He said the HKU has nurtured over 130,000 alumni, including Chinese revolution forerunner Sun Yat-sen in the past century. Those talented people with professional skills and integrity have made great contributions to Hong Kong's prosperity and the nation's development.

According to Li, the HKU has yielded a rich harvest of academic success. While nurturing professionals, the HKU has continued broadening the aspects of academic research. Many fields of studies, including medical studies, have reached the world top level.

By fully applying the advantage of connecting the east and the west, the HKU has become one of the top-ranking universities in the world, which is the honor of Hong Kong as well as the nation, said Li.

"HKU is for Hong Kong, attracting talents and educating people and promote Hong Kong's prosperity. HKU is for China. It has become a key higher education institution in China, playing an increasingly important role in China's development and its integration with the world. And HKU is also for the world, become an integral part of world's academic community, advancing human's knowledge," Li said in English.

On behalf of the central government, Li extended warm congratulations to the centennial anniversary of the founding of the HKU and sent best wishes to teachers and students of the university and its overseas alumni.  

Lap-Chee Tsui, vice chancellor and president of the HKU, gave an opening speech at the ceremony.

According to Tsui, HKU's multiple roles are "to be a knowledge hub for learning and research, a cultural crossroads where East meets West and the past illuminates the future, and a service platform where the university nurtures global citizens and is itself nurtured by the community."

Summing up HKU's future goals, Tsui concluded that as China moves forward, HKU must support and fulfill the nation's economic and social needs while establish itself as a key institution in China. What's more, HKU has the responsibility to further bridge China and the world, and to facilitate the process of internationalization of higher education in China.

David David, chancellor of the University of Aberdeen, UK, also made remarks at the ceremony.

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