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Unharnessed: China's outdoor sports

Updated: 2011-08-18 08:31
By Feng Xin (chinadaily.com.cn)

When you hear phrases like "outdoor sports" or "summer adventure", perhaps the last word you think of is "death".

Relevant research shows China was home to more than 50 million outdoor sports lovers, 800 professional clubs and countless amateur groups in 2008. But the number of outdoor sports-related accidents is rising, as well. While safety issues are one concern, the lacks of law is another.

In what direction are China's outdoor sports heading? How should travelers take care of themselves? Digest China host Feng Xin invites two guests into the studio.

Yan Changlong is a volunteer teacher at the Tibet Mountaineering School. His uncle Yan Genghua in 2000 became China's first amateur solo climber to successfully scale Qomolongma, the world's highest peak. But he died during his descent.

Jiang Wukai, known as Haoke on the Internet, is an experienced organizer for amateur cycling tours in Beijing. He works as a software engineer and manages most of his organization online.

Unharnessed: China's outdoor sports