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New Customs deal boosts 'Belt and Road Initiative'

[2015-07-08 14:25]

Guangdong and Guangxi Exit-Entry Inspection and Quarantine Bureaus signed a memorandum to facilitate trade activities in the Beibu Gulf Zone - where Zhanjiang city is situated - with countries along the Belt and Road.

Zhanjiang sets sights on attracting investment

[2015-07-02 10:44]

Zhanjiang is experiencing a golden era full of challenges and development opportunities in establishing itself as a "One Belt and One Road" pivot city, said Wang Zhongbing, mayor of the city in South China's Guangdong province.

Past, present, future

[2015-06-30 13:22]

Zhanjiang seeks opportunities on back of belt and road initiative

[2015-06-29 17:50]

"Zhanjiang will seize the historical opportunity and take responsibility as the city has been considered one of the strategic pivots in implementing China's belt and road initiative," Liu Xiaohua, party secretary of Zhanjiang, said.

Zhanjiang lays out blueprint for ‘Belt and Road’ initiatives

[2015-06-10 16:25]

Zhanjiang will forge six pivots to be fully integrated into the Belt and Road Initiative as a hub port.

Trace the ancient departure port on maritime Silk Road-Xuwen

[2015-04-09 16:54]

Xuwen county in Zhanjiang, which is rich in cultural relics of the Han Dynasty, is one of the ports of origin in the Han Dynasty.

Zhanjiang on list of key pivot cities in 'Belt and Road' initiatives

[2015-03-31 11:07]

Zhanjiang was listed as one of the 15 key pivot cities in China’s “Belt and Road” initiatives, according to a document jointly issued by three central ministries.

Zhanjiang delegation promotes trade and investment in Russia

[2015-07-01 16:57]

A Zhanjiang delegation led by Mayor Wang Zhongbing paid a visit to Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia, from June 24 to 29.

Zhanjiang gears up for building new ‘Silk Road’

[2015-03-09 14:59]

Zhanjiang has got ready for integrating into the Belt and Road Innitiative and building a strategic pivot city along the 21st Maritime Silk Road,Zhanjiang mayor Wang Zhongbing said.

Zhanjiang Port wants further expansion

[2015-02-27 11:21]

Zhanjiang Port will look beyond the Zhanjiang Bay to forge a port cluster that can serve as an international shipping hub in South China Sea.

Zhanjiang to focus on developing port industries

[2015-02-10 14:03]

Zhanjiang will take full advantage of its geographical superiority as a coastal city and vigorously develop port industries to rise again as a pivotal city on the 21 Century Marine Silk Road.

Southern 'maritime valley' to be key innovation platform

[2015-02-05 10:56]

The southern “maritime valley” has been put under the spotlight during Zhanjiang’s two sessions in 2015.

Port city’s foreign trade volume rises sharply in 2014

[2015-01-27 10:46]

Zhanjiang foreign trade volume increased 13.4 percent year-on-year to 6.3 billion dollars in 2014.

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