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Property buyers cast net across continental Europe

[2012-12-22 10:44]

For Chinese looking to buy property overseas, Britain and the United States are the shop windows they have always looked into first.

Chinese house hunters venture overseas

[2012-12-22 09:56]

Chinese families, ranging from the highly affluent to the middle class' upper crust, are showing a keener interest in purchasing overseas housing.

China's home prices may rise 7.8% in 2013

[2012-12-21 16:30]

China's average home prices may climb 7.8 percent next year, with property investments increasing 17.1 percent.

Residential land supplies plunge in first 11 months

[2012-12-19 09:20]

China's residential land supplies in the first 11 months dropped by 15.3 percent from the same period last year.

Housing policies 'set to continue'

[2012-12-18 10:06]

China will continue to tighten its real estate policies next year, ruling out the possibility of surging home-price growth in 2013.

China vows to protect foreign investors' interests

[2012-12-17 09:22]

China vowed to continue to protect foreign investors' rights and interests and their intellectual property rights.

Beijing home prices rise, regulation to remain: expert

[2012-12-14 11:09]

Recent rises in prices of new Beijing apartments will not increase pressure for the government to amend regulation of the sector.

Subsidize those on public rental flat's waiting list

[2012-11-13 14:07]

An allowance for those who have waited three years to buy a home and are still waiting, is the least that the government can and should do.

Tough measures, more housing supply are both needed

[2012-11-05 14:24]

Only a stable supply of land together with the punitive tax measures can tackle the housing problem in the long run.

Paris proves promising for sovereign fund

[2012-11-01 09:23]

CIC, the country's $410-billion sovereign wealth fund, is eyeing investment opportunities in the high-end property market in Paris.

Buyers fear housing presale traps

[2012-10-19 10:50]

Home buyers have frequently come across quality control problems in new housing, a phenomenon stemming from the practice of selling new homes before construction is completed.

Home prices on the rise in 100 cities

[2012-09-24 09:56]

China's real estate market heated up over the past few months, mainly driven by first-time buyers.

China property investment slows, sales decline narrows

[2012-08-09 17:47]

China's real estate investment continued to lose steam in the first seven months of the year while house sales remained on a downward track.

Developers eye tourism real estate projects

[2012-08-08 16:20]

About one-third of China's top 100 real estate developers have stepped into the tourism real estate sector.

Property prices controls reaffirmed

[2012-07-03 17:49]

After nine consecutive months of month-on-month declines, property prices in China rallied in June, but a subsequent surge is unlikely.

Beijing rejects 14,000 home buyers in tightening

[2012-05-08 09:25]

Authorities in Beijing rejected the applications of more than 14,000 families who hoped to buy apartments last year amid the efforts to tighten the property market.

PBOC urges lending to first-home buyers

[2012-03-13 09:47]

The People's Bank of China said Monday that commercial banks should put in place a differentiated credit policy to guarantee housing loans to qualified first-home buyers.

Early year property sales retreat

[2012-03-10 08:58]

Home sales and property investment in China both slowed in the first two months of the year, as the correction in the real estate market deepened because of the government's continuing curbs on the property market.

Real estate funds expected to rise to survive tightening

[2012-01-30 09:21]

China's fledgling real estate investment fund market could see a surge of activity in 2012, as property developers launch their own vehicles in a desperate bid to bridge an estimated $111 billion financing gap in the year ahead.

Smaller cities lure foreign investors

[2011-07-30 10:27]

Foreign institutional investors have increasingly been exploring China's third- and even forth-tier cities, even though the central government is considering a list of smaller cities that will see home purchase restrictions.