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Solar sector to get jolt from new policies

[2012-12-20 10:52]

The government is working to improve China's photovoltaic solar industry by encouraging distributed power generation.

China's solar products exports drop sharply

[2012-12-12 15:50]

The export volume of China's photovoltaic solar products will drop to about $13 billion this year, down 40 percent year-on-year.

China may raise solar power capacity

[2012-12-11 14:03]

China may almost double its upper limit for solar power installed capacity to 40 gigawatts by 2015 from the current 21 gW.

Solar industry gaining strength from home market

[2012-12-03 11:21]

Solar products manufacturers like Yingli are gaining strength from the burgeoning domestic market.

Solar power capacity soars in China State Grid

[2012-11-01 14:14]

The photovoltaic power generation installation capacity connected to the China State Grid by the end of September was up 415 percent from the same period last year.

Chinese solar industry hits at protectionism

[2012-08-31 11:19]

Members of the China Photovoltaic Industry Alliance have called for a "correction" to protectionist measures that harm global solar companies.

Solar industry urges efforts to counter EU proble

[2012-08-14 20:01]

China's major solar panel manufacturers have called for united efforts by government, industry and enterprises to cope with European Union (EU)'s anti-dumping investigations.

Domestic solar sector in trouble: report

[2012-08-09 09:09]

China's solar industry is close to the edge of bankruptcy, investment bank Maxim Group said in a recent report.

China's solar thermal market, room for growth

[2012-06-20 17:08]

The National Energy Administration (NEA) will set standards and issue supporting policies for solar thermal utilization in China.

Solar sector expects policy benefits

[2012-05-31 10:29]

Companies are expecting a new stimulus plan, although the government said any program won't be a repeat of the huge package in 2008.

Chinese solar shipments may drop 75% on US Tariffs

[2012-05-30 14:55]

Chinese solar panel shipments to North America may be cut by 75 percent this year because of an anti-dumping ruling by the US Commerce Department, according to IHS Inc.

Solar power faces eclipse from US tariffs

[2012-05-28 11:05]

Solar panel manufacturers are facing the possibility of stiff new tariffs from the US which, if approved, could come into force in October.

Solar industry may reshuffle upon US punitive duties

[2012-05-26 17:17]

An executive of LDK Solar said Friday that the antidumping ruling against Chinese PV makers, if upheld by the United States, would force the entire industry in China to reorganize.

Solar insiders upbeat on industry's future

[2012-05-19 09:30]

Solar industry insiders remain optimistic about the sector's future, despite the recent challenges it has faced from a supply glut and weak demand.

Domestic manufacturers expand into new markets

[2012-05-02 08:07]

As the European and US solar markets present more and more difficulties to Chinese photovoltaic companies, such businesses are changing their plans in an attempt at expanding into new markets.

Solar subsidy cut 'disappointing'

[2012-04-04 07:48]

Chinese and European solar industry insiders have expressed disappointment after Germany's parliament finalized a cut in subsidies, saying the move has "shaken the sector".

Solar panel tariffs 'harm green sector'

[2012-03-22 07:53]

The United States' preliminary decision to impose punitive duties on Chinese imports of solar panels will harm the interests of both sides.

Chinese solar panel makers may face higher tariffs in US market

[2012-02-02 07:49]

BEIJING - The dispute between China and the United State over imports of solar panels is set to make life more challenging for Chinese companies.

Solar producers fully prepared for US ruling

[2011-12-05 10:29]

Chinese photovoltaic (PV) solar companies are well-prepared for the preliminary ruling by the US International Trade Commission (ITC) that these enterprises are harming the US industry.

Solar products benefit US consumers

[2011-11-15 07:55]

China has driven down the price of alternative energy products in the US market, which has benefited consumers.

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