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Promoting price reform of resources


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Updated: 2013-07-24 16:37

Resources, as an important strategic material and production factor, play a vital role in enterprises' production and people's lives. Resources include water, energy, minerals and land.

The pricing mechanism for resource products in China has been inadequate for a long time. Prices are relatively low and don't reflect the relationship between market supply and demand, resource scarcity and the cost of environmental damage.

The unreasonable pricing mechanism also is not conducive to the establishment of a resource-conserving and environment-friendly society, and go against China's economic and socially sustainable development. As the current overall level of consumption is relatively stable, the State Council announced requirements and measures to speed up the price reform of resources products.

Actively and steadily promoting reform needs resolutions, courage, and a favorable policy environment. It requires coordination among related departments. We should take into consideration the effects on every social level triggered by this reform. We should make sure the price fluctuation suits economic development and social capacity so that we can further maximize the positive effects and minimize the negative effects.

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