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Ministry invites various forms of capital to clean up environment

[2016-03-21 16:41]

Different forms of capital will be encouraged to enter the environmental protection industry, a top official said on the China Development Forum on Monday.

Support for new energy sectors necessary, minister says

[2016-03-21 14:28]

Environmentally-friendly sectors need government's support in their infant stage, when their social benefits outweigh economic benefits.

Global CEOs reiterate their faith in Chinese economy

[2016-03-21 13:59]

Global CEOs attending the China Development Forum currently underway in Beijing said they have a better sense of policy direction, and are upbeat about the country's outlook.

Wasteful spending curtailed

[2016-03-21 13:34]

China is making progress against wasteful government spending as it overhauls a rigid fiscal management system tied to GDP and revenue growth, Finance Minister Lou Jiwei said on Sunday.

Regulator says China can maintain financial stability

[2016-03-21 11:11]

China is capable of ensuring financial stability and preventing systemic risk, despite the expansion of nonperforming loans, according to a senior banking official.

Depreciation of yuan not long-term issue

[2016-03-21 11:10]

The yuan's exchange rate will remain stable, despite some fluctuations in the short term, said a senior central bank official during the China Development Forum in Beijing on Saturday.

Zhou: Forex drop 'natural after explosive growth'

[2016-03-21 11:10]

China's central bank Governor Zhou Xiaochuan shrugged off concerns about the rapid decline of the country's foreign exchange reserves, saying it is natural to see some capital outflows after years of explosive accumulation.

WB and IMF remain confident on China's economic growth

[2016-03-21 08:22]

Managing Director of the World Bank Sri Mulyani Indrawati and International Monetary Fund’s Christine Lagarde say China will achieve its target.

Ratings view shrugged off by minister

[2016-03-21 02:27]

Finance Minister Lou Jiwei has shrugged off the lowered outlook on China's sovereign credit ratings by US ratings agency Moody's Investors Service.

Equity market can bring down corporate leverage: PBOC governor

[2016-03-20 18:11]

Central bank governor Zhou Xiaochuan said the country will encourage more equity financing to bring down corporate debt leverage.

Finance minister unfazed by Moody's outlook cut

[2016-03-20 17:23]

China's Finance Minister Lou Jiwei said he was untroubled by US ratings agency Moody's Investors Service lowering its outlook on China's sovereign credit ratings from "stable" to "negative".

Food policy director calls for agricultural innovations

[2016-03-20 16:13]

China should switch away from providing subsidies to farmers for grains but rather invest in technology upgrades, according to the director of the International Food Policy Research Institute.

13th Five-Year Plan well crafted and tackles right issues: Expert

[2016-03-20 09:56]

The Chinese economy will not transform overnight, but the 13th Five-Year Plan is well crafted and tackles the right issues, says Denis Depoux, vice-president of Roland Berger Strategy Consultants for Asia.

Let market play bigger role in supply side reform: expert

[2016-03-19 19:45]

The government should further scale back leaving more room for market to play its role, experts said on a parallel discussion on supply-side reform at the economic summit on Saturday.

Time for the world to copy Chinese innovation: Xiaomi founder

[2016-03-19 16:51]

Smartphone entrepreneur Lei Jun says foreign companies should learn from Chinese firms as they start to lead in innovation.

China has no reason not to have better planned cities, says scholar

[2016-03-19 15:37]

There is no reason why China cannot have better urban-planning, said a Singaporean scholar at the China Development Forum on Saturday.

Artificial intelligence can change the world: Zuckerberg

[2016-03-19 15:09]

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the most promising technology that can change the world, said Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Saturday.

Belt and Road is expanding markets and driving growth

[2016-03-19 08:09]

With more than two years of development, the Belt and Road Initiative has proved to be a practical tool for driving the growth of both Chinese and global companies.

Good macro-management policy essential

[2016-03-19 08:09]

Li Wei, president of the Development Research Center of the State Council, shared his insights on the current economic challenges China faces and the strategies to overcome them with China Daily reporter Zheng Yangpeng.

Delivering intelligent support for reform

[2016-03-19 08:09]

China Daily reporter Zheng Yangpeng interviewed Lu Mai, secretary-general of the China Development Research Foundation, about what will be discussed at this year's forum.

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