Business / Aging challenges

China sees huge gap in future pension payments

[2012-05-26 07:43]

In 2011, the fund's investment income stood at 43.1 billion yuan, with a yield rate of 5.58 percent.

Aging populace gives birth to growing market

[2012-05-19 07:36]

With the world's largest aged population, China has attracted more and more overseas companies selling products and services for the elderly.

State to boost efforts for rural elderly care

[2012-05-18 07:32]

The government plans to invest more to improve senior citizen services in rural areas because more elderly people live there than in cities, a senior Ministry of Civil Affairs official said on Thursday.

The golden age may be over

[2012-05-10 08:07]

With veterans retired and key performers injured, the Chinese national gymnastics team is playing down its chances of duplicating its 2008 Beijing success in London this summer.

Discoveries help solve age-old questions

[2012-05-04 08:02]

Recently unearthed archaeological treasures give scientists a fascinating insight into mankind's origins, reports Zhang Yuchen in Beijing.

Aging society 'means challenges, opportunities' for insurers

[2012-04-25 08:04]

China will be the "oldest" of four key emerging economies by 2050, and the country's insurers must move quickly to take advantage of the challenges and opportunities of aging, according to a report released by The Boston Consulting Group and Swiss Re on Tuesday.

A new home from home for the aged

[2012-04-11 08:02]

On an early spring day, 92-year-old Liu Xiaomao sits in the sunny courtyard of an old people's home in Shanghai's Putuo district, chatting with her 72-year-old roommate.

Elderly couples face difficult home truths

[2012-04-11 07:36]

The old adage of "raising children as a pension for old age" has acquired a hollow ring in our fast-moving times.

China to further tackle aging society

[2012-04-07 20:34]

A total of 123 million Chinese were aged over 65 by the end of 2011, about 9.1 percent of the total population.

Nearly 10% of Chinese are aged above 65

[2012-04-07 19:24]

A total of 123 million Chinese were aged over 65 by the end of 2011, about 9.1 percent of the total population.

Worrying trend for pensions

[2012-04-05 08:08]

As China's society is aging it is high time the money over-issuing problem was resolved.

Shanghai is growing old

[2012-03-29 21:32]

One in four Shanghai residents is now over 60 years old, indicating an aging population in the eastern Chinese metropolis, demographic statistics have shown.

Age-old financial question poses a pension dilemma

[2012-03-28 08:02]

Providing funds for the future may be a problem, report Li Jing and Chen Jia in Beijing.

Elderly nursing home bed crisis

[2012-03-26 13:33]

Beijing's nursing home crisis has been highlighted in a report by Beijing News Monday revealing the capital's aging population face years of waiting for a bed.
China faces daunting elderly care challenge

Aging population will constrain growth

[2012-03-17 16:26]

China's aging population and the deteriorating natural environment will constrain economic growth, Ma Jiantang, head of the National Bureau of Statistics said Saturday.

Women should retire at 60 under proposal

[2012-03-05 14:31]

The retirement age of highly educated women like doctors should be deferred to 60 years old or older, an NPC deputy said on March 3.

China aims to extend pension scheme

[2012-03-05 11:25]

China is trying to further extending the old-age pension program to cover all residents.

Eyes offer clues to ills of old age

[2012-03-04 07:49]

For decades, scientists have looked for explanations as to why memory loss, slower reaction time, insomnia and even depression occur with age. They have investigated such suspects as high cholesterol, obesity and an inactive lifestyle.

China's old population hits 185 million

[2012-03-01 21:04]

China's population of people aged 60 or above had hit 185 million by the end of 2011, or 13.7 percent of the nation's total population, according to official figures released Thursday.