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'Internet Plus' changes people's lifestyles in China

[2015-12-30 13:42]

People are changing their consumption and lifestyle habits, as more and more industries mix with Internet technology.

Moving up value chain in China with the Internet of Things

[2015-12-16 09:58]

Like the industrial revolutions before it, the Internet of Things is becoming a new driving force in the global economy.

China to give whole nation 4G coverage by 2018

[2015-12-15 10:21]

China aims to cover all its urban and rural areas with 4G network by 2018, according to an action plan published by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

Implementation of 'Internet Plus' sees surging e-commerce growth

[2015-10-13 07:07]

Implementation of the "Internet Plus" initiative in promoting the development of electronic commerce has become a trend and more innovative business models are seen in the area.

JD implements 'Internet Plus' amid boom in cross-border sales

[2015-09-24 06:58] will continue to focus on e-commerce, and expand into cloud computing and Internet finance, says founder and CEO in interview.

Chinese investment firms set up fund to support 'Internet Plus'

[2015-08-03 17:05]

A direct investment firm with China's largest securities trader worked with two partners to establish a 5 billion yuan fund to invest in Internet-related start-ups.

Internet Plus offers media opportunities to expand: Ali scholar

[2015-07-17 14:15]

There's still a lot of room for digital media to extend its advantages in the "Internet Plus" initiative.

Internet Plus will help drive growth and innovation

[2015-07-14 10:09]

The future development of the Chinese economy will focus on improving productivity, and applying "Internet Plus" approach to create new market growth and drive innovation.

China unveils 'Internet Plus' action plan to fuel growth

[2015-07-04 13:20]

China on Saturday unveiled an "Internet Plus" action plan, aiming to integrate the Internet with traditional industries and fuel economic growth.

Internet Plus should mean smarter lives

[2015-07-03 09:07]

The nation's "Internet Plus" initiative has developers and Internet companies rushing to tie the knot. Industry observers say these "marriages" will create a smart-cities.

Internet technology to merge with traditional industries

[2015-06-26 16:41]

China is to encourage the gradual merging of the Internet and other traditional sectors.

Cabinet stresses 'Internet Plus' strategy

[2015-06-25 10:11]

China will put more momentum behind its "Internet Plus" drive, which aims to integrate the Internet and industry while encouraging entrepreneurship and innovation.

Public information set to become more transparent

[2015-06-25 09:42]

China is to launch a pilot plan to promote greater openness of public data, including that concerning government affairs.

Internet boosts tourism management

[2015-06-19 10:47]

"Internet Plus" was put forward by Premier Li Keqiang in March, meaning the integration of the Internet and traditional industries through online platforms and IT technology.

'Internet Plus' fuels Chinese carmakers

[2015-05-07 17:28]

Domestic Chinese carmakers are joining with tech-savvy companies to develop Internet-enabled cars in the pursuit of fresh momentum for the auto industry.

'Internet Plus' to catapult China into crowdfunding age

[2015-04-18 14:43]

Crowdfunding could boost China's cultural industries, a sector identified as having potential for development under the government's new "Internet Plus" program.

Cloud computing firms team up for 'Internet Plus' initiative

[2015-04-03 16:05]

Domestic and international technology companies have joined forces to take advantage of favorable government policies in Cloud Computing.

When Microsoft meets China's 'Internet Plus' initiative

[2015-03-31 20:16]

Smelling the business opportunities in these new policies, enterprises that utilize cloud computing distribution models, SaaS, PaaS and IaaS, are all eager to grab a piece of the market.

World Internet Conference 2015

[2015-03-25 16:37]

One Belt, One Road

[2015-03-24 16:37]

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