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Chinese-made video games appeal to international players

Updated: 2013-04-22 10:07
By Eric Jou ( China Daily)

Chinese-made video games appeal to international players

Western gamers have become Chinese video game developers' new target audience. [Provided to China Daily]

Chinese-made video games are moving into international markets and 'Westernizing' to appeal to a wider audience. Eric Jou reports.

Holy Chinese paladin swordsmen, shiny dragons and flying monks - all staples of Chinese online games - are getting new life as Chinese video games move out of the Middle Kingdom and into the wider world.

The move into international markets is giving Western players such as Brian Cohen a chance to join the massive world of Chinese games.

Cohen, from the United States and a game developer himself, says he plays lots of video games but he did not have the chance to play a Chinese-made game until recently. He is now working his way through the multi-player online role playing game Age of Wushu.

Before playing the Chinese game Cohen, like many people in the West, had the common misconception that Chinese games are terrible. However, after playing Age of Wushu, Cohen was hooked.

"After playing Age of Wushu my preconceived notions were blown away," Cohen says. "I would definitely be willing to try other Chinese-made games."

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