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China Telecom launches new service in UK

Updated: 2012-05-24 09:17
( Xinhua)

LONDON - China Telecom (Europe) Ltd has launched a new mobile communications service to Chinese living, studying and traveling in Britain.

The launch of the CTExcelbiz, the first of such mobile communications service provided by Chinese telecom operator overseas, will help satisfy the need of communications between the two countries.

At a launching ceremony held in London on Tuesday, Ou Yan, managing director of China Telecom (Europe) Ltd, said that China Telecom will continue expanding service products overseas and gradually extend its business to European continent.

CTExcelbiz users can enjoy a wide coverage of mobile network in Britain through the company's cooperation with Britain's largest mobile operator Everything Everywhere.

The mobile services include "the provision of a local Chinese number for friends and family to call, a chat application for customers to share content with each other, and an information service hotline in Chinese targeted at travelers to Britain, to name just a few," said Ou.