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Sales of China-made vehicles rise in Nepal

Updated: 2014-01-15 14:48
( Xinhua)
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Statistics show since 2008, the Chinese automobile industry grew to become the largest in the world as measured by automobile unit production. Since 2009 annual production of automobiles in China exceeds that of the European Union or that of the United States and Japan combined.

Traders said Japanese and South Korean cars also passed through stage when they first entered the Nepali market. They said 10 years down the line, Chinese vehicles could be the largest market player enjoying more than 20 percent market share in Nepal.

"Nepalis' preference and acceptance of Chinese vehicles has grown up tremendously of late," Shekhar Golchha, president of Nepal Automobile Dealers' Association (NADA), told Xinhua.

Golehha said that the fact that the market share of Chinese vehicles in Nepal has surged to 7 percent from 3 percent over the span of two years is quite phenomenal, adding that the demand for Chinese automobiles in Nepal is swelling by around 10-15 percent annually.

The number of dealers distributing Chinese vehicles has also increased significantly across Nepal. There used to be only three dealers of Chinese-made vehicles in Kathmandu but now there are more than 15.

Prabal Sakha. managing director of Universal Automobiles which deals with Chinese automobile brand Geely, said the days are gone when Nepalis used to be lukewarm about buying Chinese vehicles; now they have begun to accept them whole-heartedly.

"It is because Chinese vehicles are not inferior to those made in India, Japan or Korea. But more than that, these vehicles are cheaper," Sakha said.

According to Sakha, Chinese vehicles are around 10-20 percent cheaper than the others. "Given the tough condition of Nepali roads, Chinese vehicles are the best alternative since they are durable and fuel-efficient," he said.

More than half dozen famous Chinese brands like Geely, Cherry, Great Wall, Zyote, Lifan and others can now be seen in major streets in Kathmandu and other parts of the country.

"The market of Chinese cars is growing slowly throughout the world. Given the strong economic ties between Nepal and China, Chinese vehicles will stand as one of the major players in the Nepali market in a matter of few years," Sakha added.

Dealers also claim that the quality of Chinese vehicles has vastly improved. Chinese car manufacturers, like all Chinese manufacturers, have improved the quality and craftsmanship of their goods and products to make them more competitive in the world market, the dealers said.

"Now, they are highly focused on after-sales services, spare parts and resale value as well. In the long-run, this will mean more sales for Chinese-made vehicles," Sakha said. 

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