Delegates comment on Wen's report

By  Cui Xiaohuo, Xu Yang, Song Wei (
Updated: 2009-03-06 10:59

With the first session of the NPC just concluded, Delegates say despite all the huge challenges, they have confidence in China and China's economy.

Lei Erdeni, Deputy to the NPC:

"We are very much inspired by Premier Wen's report. Our country has achieved a lot in 2008. Although there are 'arduous and formidable' tasks in 2009, we can still attain sound and fast development by following the guidance of the central government. "

In the two-hour report, Wen mentioned the word confidence eight times, to embolden the nation amid the current global financial crisis

Wen Jiabao: "We are fully confident that we will overcome difficulties and challenges, and we have the conditions and ability to do so."

In the government work report, Wen set the GDP growth target at about 8%, it has taken into consideration both our need and ability to sustain development.

Rong Tianhou, Deputy to the NPC:

"Speaking of maintaining growth and strengthening confidence, Premier Wen talked about measures from eight aspects. We will implement what Premier said, and we are confident that we are able to keep the economic growth at about 8 percent. "

Chen Lifen, Deputy to the NPC:

"I think we can achieve all these targets as long as we try our best. I am from the textile industry. We wish to implement a good strategy mostly by advancing the transformation and upgrading of enterprises. There must be some adjustments, and there must be some measures to deal with the crisis. "

In the following days, NPC deputies will be divided into groups and discuss Premier Wen's report.