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Games a force for good but no panacea-Rogge
Olympic chief Jacques Rogge thinks the Beijing Olympics will be a significant force for good in China, but cannot be expected to resolve all the issues facing the country
 · China to issue commemorative coins for Special Olympics
 · Los Angeles marks 75th anniversary of 1932 Olympic Games
 · General Motors to end US Olympic team sponsorship after 2008
 · A man cherishing Olympic dreams - interview with IOC President
 · Limited-release products for one-year countdown go on sale
 · US to increase drug testing before Beijing Games

  Michael Johnson: an Olympic champ turned teacher and motivator
Before the Olympics, the five gold medals and the world records, Michael Johnson was a skinny teen who almost quit his high school athletics team because he didn't think he was good enough.

  Jedrzejczak back in action for Beijing
Otylia Jedrzejczak won Poland its first-ever swimming gold at the Athens Games and is gunning for more of the same in Beijing after recovering from a car crash that put her in hospital for six weeks.
  All About Olympics:  
· When was entrance order for delegations arranged?
· How does 'Bird's Nest' stand on its own feet?
· What is the most favored event in 1896 Games
· Harvard student got 1st title in modern Games
  Beijing Games drives overseas students to learn Chinese language, culture  

  Top prize winners of 102 foreign college students attending a Chinese language contest in northeast China will win full scholarships to study in China and all of them have the opportunity to be a volunteer for the 2008 Beijing Olympics.
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