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  China must cool expectations, says Deng
Deng Yaping, one of China's greatest athletes, believes hosting the 2008 Olympics could damage her country's medal hopes if the expectations of the Chinese public are not cooled.
  Shore thing in Beijing
Fans of skateboarding legend Tony Hawk and Baywatch may only have to wait till the summer of 2009 for half pipes and a man-made beach in the heart of Beijing -- which despite recent thunderstorms is notoriously dry and curiously bereft of tropical oases.
  Confrontation over Darfur 'will lead us nowhere'
It's like sitting around a dinner table: Westerners use forks and knives, Chinese prefer chopsticks, and Arabs and Indians their hands. The mediums may be different, the purpose is the same.
  Olympic chefs bury heads in notebooks to make the grade
Stricter safety controls at Beijing's high-end restaurants means more paperwork for overworked chef Zhang Jingan.
  Rooting out any bad apples
For Guo Changjun, 'surprise' visits from food safety inspectors became a basic fact of life long ago.
  Chasing the flame
Gregory Groggel has traveled in six cities that host Olympic Games such as Beijing (top, Tian'anmen Square) and Seoul (center, Peace Monument) to study the impact of the Games.
Courtesy of Gregory Groggel
  Bedding for trouble?
Although it is still early days, waiting lists at top hotels in the Chinese capital are already filling up, with prices either not-yet-fixed or rapidly spiraling out of control.
  Collectors' heaven
Zhao Xiaokai took a 12-hour train ride from Beijing to Hangzhou last September, carrying 50,000 yuan ($6,600) in his pocket. He was on his way to salvage a medical case that occupies a special niche in China's Olympic history
  Bird's Nest to nest egg
Olympic memorabilia in China are starting to resemble stocks on the domestic market: sales are booming and even exorbitant prices are not deterring "investors."
  Roping in doping
Doping stained the Athens Games. In a bid to avoid a re-run in 2008, Beijing plans to subject athletes to a level of scrutiny and testing never before seen at the Olympics
  Zero tolerance for Chinese offenders
China will closely monitor top athletes including world champion hurdler Liu Xiang to ensure a clean Chinese delegation at the Beijing Games as the country builds on years of improved transparency regarding doping tests, senior officials told China Daily.
  Men and young are game for Olympics
Most of those who booked tickets online for the 2008 Beijing Olympics are male and young, according to a report released by China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC).
  Spreading the word
Beijing gets ready for English language test during the Olympic Games next summer.
  Obstacles galore for Beijing's cabbies
A diet of English tapes, tailbacks and roadworks is not sitting well with some of Beijing's taxi drivers.
  Beijing works on rain prevention as storms increase
Extreme summer storms of the sort that hit Beijing have become more frequent over the past decade and work is continuing on finding ways to protect Olympic events from them.
  Taiwan Olympic official silent on torch relay route
Wu Jingguo, chairman of Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee (CTOC), said he would let Taipei deal with the controversial torch relay issue after Beijing Games organizers restated their firm standing on the plan.
  Born on the Eighth of August
To the frustration of his wife, Zhou Chenguang has spent thousands of dollars of his own money teaching Chinese children about the culture and sports surrounding the Olympics.
  Technology bytes: The future is here
Beijing Games is expected to showcase new technological innovations that will make peopel's lives easier, safer or simply more fun.
  Pedal power
Imagine a pack of racers tearing down a BMX course with a UFO-shaped velodrome and Beijing in the background, as remote-control cameras catch all the action from wires overhead.
  Jagged London Olympics logo leaves critics cold
Design critics described the jagged logo unveiled for London's 2012 Games as messy and dated.
  Finish line in sight for Tour hopefuls
  Prepare athletes for better life
All's well that ends well. This is especially true for athletes who retire after years of physical training and still want to lead a normal life.
  Dilemma over volunteering or job hunting
While volunteers hopefuls are keen to help out during the Olympics, they are also concerned about finding a paying job.
  Rebuilding Beijing
For paraplegic Wu Runling, visiting a doctor is like climbing Qomolangma (Mt. Everest), but Olympic juggernaut starting to make life easier for disabled.
  Chefs have a lot on their plates
From hamburgers to ancient herbs, cooking for Olympic athletes requires an element of compromise, a wide knowledge of regional cuisine and a basic grounding in traditional Chinese medicine.
  Seasickness weeds out volunteer hopefuls
It is not an easy task for a volunteer to survive from the anti-seasickness test for 2008 Olympic sailing events.
  Realty check
Is the Beijing Olympic Games creating a property bubble?
  Looking to breathe new life into venues post-Games
When the Games end, with memories of a splendid and magnificent Olympics, the next problem is what to do with the venues afterwards.
  Rain, rain, stay away
Beijing will fire rockets into the sky if need be to control the weather during the 2008 Olympic Games but even this space-age technology cannot rule out the possibility of rain during the opening ceremony on August 8.
  Relay of friendship
The wait is over. The official route for the 2008 Olympic torch relay was announced last night at the China Millennium Monument in Beijing.
  Designers strike it lucky
Designed to resemble an ancient scroll and featuring a 'lucky cloud,' the red and silver torch settled the debate over whether to foreground traditional or modern elements by incorporating both.
  Qiao Meili: A beautiful mind
As a seven-year-old, Qiao Meili could not distinguish the colors of the rainbow due to the brain damage.
  Memory chips embedded in Olympic tickets to prevent fakes
Tickets for the 2008 Beijing Olympics will be embedded with a wireless memory chip and printed with specialty ink in a bid to curb fakes.
  Faster, higher, costlier
Some people say sports are all about money. They are for some.
  Bird's Nest may end up with foreign company's name
National stadium, the centrepiece of the 2008 Olympics, could end up bearing the name of a foreign company.
  Olympic low-price scheme, a beneficial try
Attractive low-price scheme, a population of more than 1.3B, an army of overseas Chinese dreaming of Games, plus the whole world's huge interest in the ancient oriental land.
  Groomed for success
Prince Charming needs partner to fulfil Olympic dream.
  Access to all is overriding goal
Unlike the five rings of the Olympic insignia, the five Ring Roads of Beijing are associated with slowness and congestion rather than record-breaking feats of endurance.
  Let the Guessing Games begin
You can't buy Olympic tickets yet. In fact, you may have to enter a lottery to do so.
  Improved crisis cooperation needed - Beijing mayor
The various departments of the Beijing govt.need to improve collaboration if they are to deal effectively with any crises during the 2008 Olympics.
  Problem of plenty-volunteers
When it comes to asking not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country, look to the Chinese.
  Aerial patrol to make Olympics safe
Helicopters will patrol the skies of Beijing to boost security measures for the Games with the cities first 'copter patrol' taking off next June.
  Welcome to the Velodrome
China's first indoor cycling track is designed to blow minds, blow records and blow dust out of the arena in line with the country's wish to host a "green" Olympics.
  Big polluter closed down for Green Olympics
Beijing has closed down a coal gas plant,major polluter,to honor the "Green Olympics" commitment.
  Visitors on record-big trail for Games
It is estimated that at least 1.5 million visitors will descend upon the capital for the 2008 Olympic Games.
  Digging for gold
When athletes gather at the 31 newly-built arenas for Beijing Olympics to compete for gold, many might not realize that beneath were buried mounds of "gold" treasures, dating back 2,000 years.
  Olympic security planning 'on track'
Local government is making sure there is no room for embarrassment with security preparations already well under way.
  Unique homes with touch of glamor
When Xing Gang walked into the sales office of the Olympic Village real-estate project on Mon.afternoon, he was pleased to find he was the only visitor.
  To blog or not to blog: It's a question
Olympic athletes may be allowed to blog for the first time at the 2008 Beijing Games.
  Games will help China re-engage with culture
Welcoming the world to Beijing for 2008 Olympics will give Chinese a chance to re-engage with a culture that was discarded.
  Media pumps it up for the Games
More than 15,000 American journalists want to cover Olympic Games that leaves director of media services of US Olympic Committee in a dilemma.
  Green Olympics dream coming true
Beijing is on its way to realizing its dream of staging a "Green Olympics" by succeeding in disposing of 90 pct of its urban sewage.
  Steely resolve
The relocation of a giant steel plant from Beijing will make the air easier to breathe before the Games.
  Chief warns against selection cheating
The country's sports chief says there will be no tolerance for cheating during the Beijing 2008 Olympics team selection process.
  Coke with a twist of Chinese culture
Coca Cola is an American icon - and sometimes seen as a symbol of the country's economic might.
  Green link to Olympics
The Olympic Forest Park can breathe easy - sundered into two by an expressway, it will now have an ecological corridor joining it.
  Olympics to keep stock market boom alive
Investors hoping that China's dramatic stock market bull run will persist through 2007 take heart: history appears to be on your side.
  Remote city pins hopes on Olympic boom
To the casual observer Chifeng is another industrial town trying to find its way in China's uncertain transition to a market economy.
  Hospitals gear up to treat foreign visitors
Beijing doctors treating foreign patients during 2008 Olympics will be required to speak and write prescriptions in English.
  Water Cube embodies Green Olympics concept
National Aquatics Center represents concept of "Green Olympics," including architecture, outside layer engineering, environmental protection.
  Olympics to introduce new media relationship
Early December, China announced a set of new regulations that will give international Olympic journalists more freedom to travel and report.
  Peking opera masks adorn Olympic buses
Two types of buses for the 2008 Olympic Games were unveiled, adorned with Peking opera masks on their bodies.
  Peking's past and present
A photo show captures Beijing's charm and grace like never before
  Qatar hopes Asian Games prove Arab world ready for Olympics
Doping. Death. There were more medals and more countries than ever before. There was no stopping the Chinese.
  Olympic licensed products to go overseas
Beijing Olympic Licensing Programme will be taking its products global from early next year.
  China to maintain growth momentum
Rrural migrants will create the demand to fuel China's growth.
  Swimmers warn of morning lethargy
Top swimmers are up in arms over morning finals at the Beijing Olympics and will struggle to get anywhere near world records
  Employers call for changes in foreign student employment regulations
China are calling for changes to employment and residency laws to allow foreign students from working in the country.
  Doha puts pressure on Beijing
If you spent 5,000 yuan for a show that was a symbol of a country's national pride, you'd expect an amazing spectacle.
  There's something special about this team
Three months ago, they were fresh college graduates. Now they are members of China's elite police unit
  Olympics director inspired by Doha opening
Doha has staged an amazing opening ceremony for Asian Games, from which Beijing Games should learn much and get inspired.
  Special measures for inspection
Beijing inspection and quarantine officers are grappling with a dilemma in the run up to the Olympics.
  Olympics or no Olympics, Qatar looks to lasting legacy
You are left in no doubt this oil-rich nation has big plans for its future.
  PR practitioners upbeat
PR experts believe the Games will open up opportunities for development.
  Thorpe's retirement makes a splash
Ian Thorpe's retirement was felt strongly in China,which stands to lose one box office draws for Games.
  Olympic dream kicking at school of hard knocks
Lu felt like being kicked in the guts when hearing wushu would not be a demonstration sport at Games.
  Games needs special help
Organizers are keen to involve more volunteers with special skills as well as those from Taiwan, HK, Macao and foreign countries.
  China travel to Doha for "mid-term test"
Chinese contingent will fight to retain top position on tally at Doha Asian Games.
  Olympic horses need to pass quarantine
Horses to participate in the equestrian events will have to go through quarantine.
  Saluting very special people
Sport is a way to transcend commonly held ideas about abilities of intellectually disabled and help build self-esteem.
  Olympic Review features 'the Beijing effect'
Will the Olympic Games change China, or will China change the Olympic Games?
  Olympic textbooks hit shelves
Answers to Olympic questions can be found in Olympic Reader, a set of books for Olympic training.
  Full transcript of interview with Rogge
IOC President Jacques Rogge received an interview with China's central television station (CCTV).
  Emergency plan set for Beijing
Beijing has worked out Games emergency response and disaster relief plan.
  Games coxes selected on reality show
Can an ordinary person, without years of strenuous training, become an Olympic medal hopeful?
  Friendlies abandoned as name for mascots
There's no formal notice, but they've done all legal process for the name switch.
  Super-tall Sun dreams of NBA career
At nearly 236 cm tall, the Chinese player dreams of joining the NBA.
  China a long-term plan for America's Cup
2 years ago, China had not even dreamed of entering the America's Cup.
  Unbalanced volunteers hinders Paralympics
Too many young volunteers for Paralympics is a problem.
  What can Sydney tell Beijing?
An Australian law school student shares experiences of Sydney Olympics.
  China could be key to Olympic inclusion
Developing cricket in China increases the sport's chances into Olympics.
  First test event fruitful
The Softball World Champs held at Fengtai Softball Centre got fairly high scores.
  Plans for Olympic volunteers
Recruitment for Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Games volunteers was officially launched by the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games (BOCOG) on August 28 in Beijing.
  Traffic system upgrading for the Games
Beijing has many traffic problems, which are compounded when it rains, and this has caused many to worry about the Olympics, held in August, during the city's rainy season.
  Green Olympics, natural venues
As 2008 nears, environment is drawing more attention from the public.
  Triathlon has long way to go
The triathlon is still unfamiliar to most Chinese. How will the Chinese team be prepared for the game?
  Athens mired in venues
Barbed wire, garbage are around multi-billion euro sites.
  Yang: I'll make my best contribution
The TV host was an image ambassadors for Beijing 2008.
  Why Americans don't like World Cup?
  How long will Liu Xiang hold the new mark?
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