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  When was entrance order for delegations arranged?
At the 1928 9th Amsterdam Olympic Games, for the first time in the Olympic history, athletes were required to march into the Olympic stadium in a pre-ordained order.

  How does 'Bird's Nest' stand on its own feet?
The National Stadium in Beijing, the main stadium for the 2008 Olympic Games, is dubbed the "bird's nest" because of its innovative grid formation. The twig-like structural elements and the bowl-shaped roof are the masterpiece of the project, yet they pose great challenges to technicians and workers who need to make the building stand on its own feet
  What is the most favored event in 1896 Games
  Harvard student got 1st title in modern Games
  Olympic Posters from 1972-2000
  Who is the fastest man in Athens 2004?
  Anti-doping Agency didn't appear till 2000
  When did Vietnam win first gold?
  Olympic Truce 2007 Conference
The International Olympic Truce Foundation decided in Lausanne on Friday that the 2007 Olympic Truce conference will be held at ancient Olympia, Greece's semi-official news agency ANA-MPA said.
  Why golf was not approved in Atlanta Games?
  Why Atlanta, not Athens, was chosen for 1996?
  How did Sydney win out to host Games 2000?
  Two votes make Beijing wait for 8 years
  Greece wanted to be permanent site for Games
  Distance of Marathon in 1896 was disagreed
  Dropping by Athens, Bolands became Champion
  When were the last ancient Olympics held?
  Swimmers meant to survive rather than win
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