Rescue and Aid

Beijing pledges more aid to Haiti

Group of Rio offers additional $25m for Haiti

Rebuilding homeland is best hope

Colombian rescuers save 2 people in Haiti

Man rescued from rubble 14 days after quake

Notes of death, destruction, despair in diary

Haiti relief efforts involve 'most complex operations'

Smallest survivors pose one of biggest problems

9 Latin American countries meet on rebuilding Haiti

Chinese medical teams on ground

Another medical team off to Haiti

Haitian man saved 11 days after quake

10 days after quake, Israelis rescue man in Haiti

UN General Assembly urges int'l support for Haiti

Haiti relocating homeless, port repairs needed

In tragedy, stars show human side

Haiti's mass graves swell; doctors fear more death

Four more Chinese peacekeepers leave for Haiti

US prepares Gitmo for 1000s of Haitian migrants

UN disputes charges of favoritism in Haiti rescue

Americans rush to adopt orphaned Haitian children

At least 26 Latin American UN peacekeepers die in Haiti

More help on the way for Haitians

UN: China 'remarkably efficient' in Haiti aid

Haitian orphans given homes in US

US, UN send more troops to help in Haiti

UN approves 3,500 more peacekeepers for Haiti

More troops, aid go to Haiti, but hunger persists

Sweden to contribute $67 million to Haiti

France asks UN to specify US role in Haiti relief efforts

More UN peacekeepers expected for troubled Haiti

Russia helps deliver aid from other countries to Haiti

S.Koreans join hands in supporting Haiti

Haitians pray, cry for help in the ruins

Haitians desperate for supplies; rescues continue

Int'l community intensifies relief efforts in Haiti

Chinese rescuers rev up aid in Haiti

Outside Haiti capital, much despair, little aid

Hunger and hope, thirst and frenzy grip Haiti

Chinese rescuers find body of UN chief in Haiti

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A collection of photos taken by a China Daily reporter in Haiti

China Daily reporter back from Haiti (Video)

Haitians deserve a better future (Video)