Xi's South Korea trip hailed for boosting ties

2014-07-06 07:07

President Xi Jinping's just-concluded two-day visit to South Korea has boosted ties and contributed to regional peace and stability, analysts say.

Xi's ROK tour greatly significant to regional peace

2014-07-05 17:16

Xi Jinping's just-concluded two-day visit to South Korea has further promoted bilateral ties and contributed to regional peace and stability.

Historic visit resonates beyond nation's borders

2014-07-05 06:56

While President Xi Jinping and his Republic of Korea host Park Geun-hye exchanged laughter and oversaw the signing of a number of deals to cement relations, the bilateral meeting was really a conference of five protagonists, with the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Japan and the United States watching closely from afar.

Chinese president applauds China-South Korea ties

2014-07-04 21:13

Chinese President Xi Jinping said here Friday that China-South Korea relations, experiencing over two decades of sound development, has brought tangible benefits to each other.

Anti-Japan war anniversary makes 2015 very meaningful: Park

2014-07-04 20:31

South Korean President Park Geun-hye said on Friday that the year 2015 is very meaningful for both her country and China since it marks the 70 anniversary of their separate victory over Japanese aggression.

Xi proposes all-round co-op with S. Korea

2014-07-04 20:17

President Xi Jinping calls for China and South Korea to enhance cooperation in service industry, new material and new energy resources.

Xi, Park share concerns over Japan's constitution reinterpretation

2014-07-04 18:39

South Korean President Park Geun-hye and Chinese President Xi Jinping share worries about Japan's attempt to expand the self-defense right.

China, S. Korea call for correct attitude toward history

2014-07-04 17:39

China and South Korea share similar experiences in history and common concern as well, President Xi Jinping says in Seoul.

Seoul retailers cash in on Xi's visit

2014-07-04 14:06

Leading retailers in South Korean capital Seoul made no secret of their delight at President Xi Jinping's visit to South Korea, or rather the chance to attract high-spending Chinese customers.

First lady Peng visits S. Korean heritage sites

2014-07-04 10:31

Chinese first lady Peng Liyuan, accompanied by South Korean officials, visited the ancient Changdeokgung Palace in Seoul on July 3.

Words of wisdom convey Xi’s ideas

2014-07-04 07:40

President Xi Jinping aptly used sayings and poems to convey his ideas in an article for South Korean media that was published on Thursday.

Market cheers closer ties

2014-07-04 07:40

Stocks related to China’s northeastern region jumped on Thursday, on hopes of benefiting from closer China-South Korea economic ties.

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