South Korean group wants Sea of Japan to be renamed

2014-07-05 06:56

A South Korean civic group purchased a half-page advertisement that appeared in Friday's China Youth Daily that called for renaming the Sea of Japan as the "East Sea".

Xi, Park share concerns over Japan's constitution reinterpretation

2014-07-04 18:39

South Korean President Park Geun-hye and Chinese President Xi Jinping share worries about Japan's attempt to expand the self-defense right.

Beijing, Seoul oppose nuclear peninsula

2014-07-04 02:42

Beijing and Seoul have underscored their firm objection to the development of nuclear weapons on the Korean Peninsula.

China, ROK to start maritime demarcation talks

2014-07-03 22:23

China and the Republic of Korea (ROK) announced on Thursday they aim to launch maritime demarcation talks in 2015.

China, S. Korea reiterate denuclearization of Korean Peninsula

2014-07-03 20:08

China and South Korea on Thursday reiterated their joint position of denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, calling for efforts to create conditions for resumption of the stalled six-party talks.

ROK test-fires ballistic missile amid tensions

2014-04-05 07:56

The Republic of Korea has test-fired a new ballistic missile with a range of 500 km and will try to extend the range to 800 km so it can strike any site in its northern neighbor, its defense ministry said on Friday, days after Pyongyang fired a mid-range missile.

China committed to nuclear-free Korean Peninsula

2014-04-23 15:54

China stands ready to keep close communication and coordination with South Korea on the peninsular issues, and hope all relevant parties can work together to easy its tension and safeguard its peace and stability.

Park asks China to deter Pyongyang's nuclear test

2014-04-26 07:22

ROK President Park Geun-hye asked China on Friday to exercise its leadership in deterring the Democratic People's Republic of Korea from seeking a new nuclear test.

Xi reassures Park on denuclearization

2014-04-24 07:01

President Xi Jinping assured President Park Geun-hye of the Republic of Korea during a phone call on Wednesday that Beijing is firmly committed to denuclearization in the Korean Peninsula, a day after Seoul said that the Democratic People's Republic of Korea might be preparing a fourth nuclear test.

ROK-US drill goes ahead as tensions ease with DPRK

2013-08-20 07:54

Washington and Seoul launched an annual military drill against a simulated invasion from Pyongyang on Monday, but analysts said the exercise will not overshadow the positive momentum that exists between the two neighbors on the Korean Peninsula.

China sticks to denuclearization of Korean Peninsula

2013-10-07 15:29

President Xi Jinping said on Monday that his country will stick to the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and safeguard its peace and stability.