Smartphone gift dials up new trends

2014-09-19 03:38

When State leaders go abroad on high-profile visits, what's not on the official agenda may be as widely watched as the formal functions.

Major exchanges of visits by leaders of China and India

2014-09-18 03:50

Major exchanges of visits by leaders of China and India

Major events about China-India relations

2014-09-16 15:50

The following are some major events about China-India relations since 1949.

Major events about China-Sri Lanka relations

2014-09-16 13:31

Chinese President Xi Jinping arrives in Colombo on Tuesday for the first state visit to Sri Lanka by a Chinese head of state in decades.

Major events about China-Maldives relations

2014-09-15 09:27

President Xi Jinping arrived in Male on Sunday for a state visit to Maldives, the first of its kind since the two countries established diplomatic ties 42 years ago.

Brief history of SCO summits

2014-09-12 20:19

Over the last 13 years, the SCO has become a strategic pillar for the region to safeguard security and develop economy as a whole, yielding fruitful results in various aspects.

Basic facts about SCO

2014-09-11 16:53

President Xi Jinping will attend the 14th summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) on Thursday and Friday in Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan.

Ridiculous stereotypes about India

2014-06-10 08:12

You've probably heard a lot of myths and stereotypes about India. Some stereotypes might be true, but many are not.