China's cooperation with Latin America

2014-07-17 16:38

Mutual benefit and friendship have been the paramount theme of the development of the China-Latin America ties.

BRICS summit

2014-07-15 20:01

The sixth BRICS summit will kick off Tuesday in Brazil's northeastern city of Fortaleza.

Basic facts about BRICS

2014-07-15 19:10

Brazil is set to host the sixth BRICS summit from Tuesday to Wednesday in the northeastern city of Fortaleza. The following are basic facts about the group.

China, Brazil mark 40 years of improving ties

2014-06-14 07:37

China and Brazil have witnessed major changes in the past 40 years and the ties between the two countries are solid, stable and very close, said Chinese Ambassador Li Jinzhang in Sao Paulo.

Highlights of Xi's schedule

2014-07-08 07:25