Chinese president voices hope for stronger BRICS

Updated: 2014-07-16 19:30


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FORTALEZA, Brazil -- In Brazil, as leaders of BRICS countries met, Chinese President Xi Jinping has expressed his hope that the bloc can be a stronger grouping for emerging markets, while vowing China's willingness to promote ties with each fellow member.

Calling for comprehensive, more solid partnership

On Tuesday, Xi attended the sixth BRICS summit held here, together with Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, Russian President Vladimir Putin, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and South African President Jacob Zuma.

As he spoke at the summit, Xi summed up BRICS countries' cooperation experiences, saying that the bloc has become an important force in international relations and an active constructor of the international system.

He asked member states to carry forward the spirit of openness, inclusiveness and win-win cooperation, and develop a closer, more comprehensive and more solid partnership.

Boosting sustainable growth, cooperation

Xi urged member states to unswervingly push forward sustainable economic growth, adhere to inclusive growth, turn quantitive growth into qualitative one, and coordinate economic development, social development and environmental protection.

"Through necessary economic reforms, we need to strengthen our internal impetus to guarantee steady economic growth," Xi said.

He called for launching all-round economic cooperation, building an integrated market in trade and investment areas, promoting people-to-people exchanges among different countries, and realizing in an early date the operation of the BRICS development bank and a contingent reserve arrangement.

Building favorable external environment, moral appeal

Xi stressed the importance of building a favorable external environment for development, improving global economic governance, fully implementing the consensus of increasing developing countries' representativeness and right to say, and strengthening the coordination of global macro-economic policies.

He also proposed to boost BRICS countries' moral appeal to others, adding that BRICS countries should jointly provide solutions in international affairs, seek justice and practice equality.

"China's diplomacy has principles to act upon, cherishes friendship and righteousness, seeks justice and adheres to the path of peaceful development," Xi said.

Strengthening coordination, shouldering more responsibility

As he exchanged views with other leaders on political coordination, Xi said BRICS countries should associate their respective development with world peace and stability.

"They should both be the anchor that helps stabilize the global economy and the shield that protect the peace of the international community," he said of the member nations.

He also asked the countries to advocate a new security outlook, and jointly safeguard the system for international security cooperation with the United Nations as the core.

At the same time, Xi called on BRICS countries to consolidate the strong momentum of their development, and stay confident about their economic prospect.

"We need to adjust our economic structure, achieve development of better quality, build closer economic partnership, boost the building of an open world economy and establish a global development partnership," he said.  

China true in word, resolute in deed on cooperation with Russia

President Xi also took his Brazil trip as a chance of holding bilateral meetings with leaders of other BRICS nations.

When meeting Putin on Monday, Xi said China is "true in word and resolute in deed" on the China-Russia cooperation, calling on the two sides to implement their consensus "without any reservation."

Xi said that two months ago, he and Putin reached a series of consensus during Putin's China trip on enhancing ties and expanding cooperation, and jointly lifted their comprehensive and strategic partnership of coordination to a new height.

As for future development, the two countries should continue to intensify political support to each other, improve the depth and scope of cooperation and exert more efforts on the joint research, application and manufacturing in large strategic projects, said Xi.

They should also take more pragmatic and joint actions in military and security fields, he added.

India partner of China, not rival

"Judging from either bilateral, regional or global perspective, China and India are long-lasting strategic and cooperative partners, rather than rivals," Xi said Monday when meeting Indian Prime Minister Modi here.

"If the two countries speak in one voice, the whole world will attentively listen; if the two countries join hand in hand, the whole world will closely watch," Xi said.

"I am willing to work together with Prime Minister Modi to constantly enhance the China-India strategic and cooperative partnership to a higher level, and jointly safeguard our strategic period of opportunities, as well as peace and stability of the region and the world at large."

The two countries should jointly safeguard peace and tranquility of the border area before reaching a final settlement, Xi added.

Boosting cooperation with S Africa

As he met on Monday with South African President Zuma, Xi recalled that during his South Africa tour last year, the two countries agreed to take their relations as a strategic supporting point and a priority of each other's overall foreign policy.

The past year and more has witnessed smooth implementation of the consensus reached in the previous visit, as Xi put it, adding that such moves "promote the convergence of interests and common development of both China and South Africa."

In specific cooperative areas, Xi said the two countries could carry out cooperation in energy, mineral resources, agriculture, infrastructure, rail locomotive and nuclear energy.