Iran refutes Sarkozy's remarks

Updated: 2011-09-02 13:33


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TEHRAN - An official of Iranian Foreign Ministry on Thursday described French President Nicolas Sarkozy's remarks on Iran's nuclear program as "unreal claims" and "should be avoided," the state IRIB TV reported.

Iran refutes Sarkozy's remarks
According to the report, Sarkozy said Wednesday that Iran's ambitions to build long-range ballistic missiles and its "military nuclear program" may convince some unnamed countries to launch a preemptive attack against Iran's military and nuclear sites.

"Any remarks which are based on unreal data can lead to an instability of the region," Hassan Tajik, managing director of West Europe Division of Iranian Foreign Ministry, was quoted as saying.

"Making such remarks should be avoided" and the realities should be considered, Tajik said.

"As it has been announced before, Iran's nuclear activities are completely peaceful and the reports of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) are the proof for this," the official added.

Israel and the United States have refused to rule out military action against Iran's nuclear sites.

The West suspects that Iran's uranium enrichment may be meant to produce nuclear weapons. Iran repeatedly denies the allegation, saying its nuclear program is only for peaceful use.