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Tibet through the Lenses--Pious Pilgrims

[2011-05-20 16:26]

An undated photo shows an elderly ethnic Tibetan woman walking with a prayer wheel in Lhasa, capital of southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region.

Tourists travel to Tiantai Mountain, China's Zhejiang

[2011-05-20 16:32]

Photo taken on May 19, 2011, shows the Fangguang Temple on the Tiantai Mountain, where famed travel writer Xu Xiake of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) once traveled and recorded in his travel books, in Tiantai County, east China's Zhejiang Province.

Clouds over Lushan Mountain

[2011-05-20 18:01]

The peaks of Lushan Mountain in Jiangxi province, one of the major mountain resorts in China, are immersed in a sea of clouds after spring rains.

For a feel of rural life

[2011-05-21 10:23]

City-dwellers looking to escape the concrete jungle for a weekend of fun on the farm will do well to head to Shangzhuang township, in Beijing's northwest.

Amazing ancient town - Yaoli

[2011-05-23 17:53]

Yaoli is located in a mountainous area at the border between the Anhui and Jiangxi provinces, and the center of the town is in the valley.

Flower power

[2011-05-24 11:19]

Blooms from the nation's floriculture hub in Yunnan seldom reach major consumption areas such as Western Europe or North America, and the main reason for this is logistics.

Tibet's transformation seen through reporters' eyes

[2011-05-24 17:35]

To mark the 60th anniversary of the peaceful liberation of Tibet, CRI reporters have traveled far and wide across the plateau to record the transformations during the course of the region's development.

The Lady Book Saloon: a women's world

[2011-05-30 13:52]

An old adage says "a woman's work is never done." The phrase is just as true, if not more so, today as it was over 300 years ago when the phrase first came about. In addition to traditional roles as wives, mothers, and daughters, today's women are also under pressure to achieve professional success.

Rose valley of roses

[2011-05-30 13:55]

Right on the outskirts of Beijing is a hidden valley where flowers are a way of life and have been for generations.

Tibet Train Travel

[2011-05-30 14:23]

Tibet Train Travel The Train to Tibet is one of the tremendous achievements in the industry of train transportation as well as tourism in China.

Tibet's first five-star hotel opens in Lhasa

[2011-05-30 15:19]

Southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region opened its first five-star hotel on Saturday, a move targeting the region's tourism industry.

A local retreat: purple bamboo park

[2011-05-30 15:21]

The Purple Bamboo Park (Zizhuyuan) is a cool respite in northwestern Beijing's Haidian district for those seeking a refreshing walk without the hassle of visiting a popular tourist site.

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