Top 5 China's ancient towns

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Top 5 China's ancient towns
Wuzhen Town, China's Zhejiang [Photo/]

During the Spring Festival, the streets in Wuzhen are illuminated for the celebration. People put up posters on their doors and walls. Many customs of the Lunar New Year holidays are inherited in the town. The most distinctive one is the "long street banquet".

In the past, wealthy families would hold banquets for guests in the Spring Festival. The neighbors set out tables and chairs along the street. The connected tables formed the lively and colorful "long street banquet".

Today, the "long street banquet" is still held in Wuzhen town with more splendid dishes. The most indispensable one is the well-known braised sheep. It is a usual practice to put up a pot and boil sheep meat. The scent penetrates the whole street. Visitors are strongly advised to taste this gourmet.

Other activities in the town: worshipping the kitchen god (Dec.23 on the Lunar New Year); pasting spring couplets, setting off fireworks and holding the reunion dinner (on the eve of the Lunar New Year); burning the first incense, watching traditional Chinese opera, enjoying festive lanterns, attending the temple fair and the lantern festival in January.

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