Two highly acclaimed restaurants

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Harbin food  is famous for the mixture of Chinese food with Russian influences. Flavors are not spicy but food is filling. Main cooking methods: braising, double-boiling, steaming and stewing. Specialties: Russian red sausage, Meat Stews, Wild mushrooms, Caviar, Chocolates, cakes and Harbin beer - the oldest beer brand in China.\

Two highly acclaimed restaurants

Huamei Restaurant 华梅西餐厅: most famous Russian restaurant in Harbin, over 80 years of history, founded by a Jewish Russian

Russia Café 露西亚: The owner is half Chinese, half Russian, and has created a fantastic atmosphere that feels like a high-class cafe in London or Paris. Elegant furniture, tasteful music and a display to commemorate one of the last White Russian's who lived in Harbin make this a place well worth visiting. Service is good too. The Cafe name in Chinese is Lucia (Lu Xi Ya) The Ice Bar: Ice room and furniture, fur covered chairs.

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