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Zhen Feng Hotel

Updated: 2012-11-28 16:31

Zhen Feng Hotel

Zhen Feng Hotel provides ancient civil dwellings, which is one of Zhouzhuang Tourism Programs.

Zhen Feng Hotel is located in the downtown area of Zhouzhuang, comprising reconstructed ancient civil dwellings that keep intact the original looks of the traditional civil buildings.

The rooms, with styles of the Ming and Qing periods, are adorned with beautiful antique ornaments, such as engraved wooden beds, Chinese linen mosquito nets, printed blue quilts.

Stay here for a night, and you will truly experience the simple goodness of the riverside town. Be a man of Zhouzhuang and live the life of Zhouzhuang for a day.

Step out of the hotel, you will walk into the Culture Street, and instantly learn and observe the folk customs of Zhouzhuang.

Market price: 280—380 yuan/day, with special rates for reservations, except for holidays.


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