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Aidu Folk Customs Quarter

Updated: 2012-11-21 13:32

Aidu Folk Customs Quarter

The Aidu Folk Customs Quarter sits at the mouth of the centuries-old Zhouzhuang, the best known water town in southern Yangtze River area. It is a large-scale commercial center for entertainment and sightseeing activities, integrating catering, residence, travel, entertainment, shopping and amusement.

The Aidu Folk Customs Quarter is a romantic dreamland with the theme of love for tourists to experience Buddhism-based fashions. It is comprised of six love-oriented theme zones respectively for the Avalokitesvara culture, folk customs, constellation square, romantic love river, Chinese and foreign cuisines, and lakeside entertainment.

• Avalokitesvara culture: The Avalokitesvara Culture Center, known as China’s first Buddhist culture and art exhibition hall, is developed into a Buddhist cultural relic street where Buddhist cultural and art articles are sold. The center is best-known for the largest indoor water-and-moon Avalokitesvara statue of the world, 13.25 meters high, looking dignified in simple lines.

• Folk customs: It is a collection of Taiwan folk customs, snacks, APEC Memorial Museum, Japanese Quality Goods Street, Purple Clay Museum, and Kite Street. That’s what it is.

• Constellation square: Constellations have become popular and thus provided great business opportunities in modern society. The Constellation Square in the Aidu Folk Customs Quarter ingeniously applies the traditional zodiac pattern to the design of the square. The constellation street hosts relevant constellation catering, gifts, party clubs, and image stars and constellation angels. The surrounding areas contain constellation BLOG and theme clubs.

• Romantic Love River: Love River Street starts from the mouth of the town, and extends along the river. There are also scenic bridges over flowing water and picturesque gardens. The river is decorated with seven unique bridges, each of which represents a different stage of love.

• Chinese and foreign cuisines: The Aidu Folk Customs Quarter is home to cuisine from home and abroad, such as KFC and Jiangnan teahouse.

• Lakeside entertainment: It accommodates the Perfume Lily Hotel, bars of ethnic group features, wedding photo gallery, modern business meeting centers, and star-level hotels.


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