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Journey to the Silk Road – India


Updated: 2015-06-30 11:02:20

Journey to the Silk Road – India

From Ashwani Tiwari, in Lucknow, India

Journey to the Silk Road – India

Charbag railway station. [Photo by Neal Nikki]

Lucknow city is popularly known as the "the city of Nawabs".

In old times it served as the capital of the nawabs (rulers) of Awadh and is one of the reasons why it is also called the city of the Nawabs.

The era of the Nawabs bestowed Lucknow with a courteous culture as well as mouthwatering delicacies for which it is famous today. Travel to Lucknow with us to find more information on this interesting city.

Even after witnessing tremendous modernization, Lucknow has managed to retain its age-old charm and glory. The warmth, hospitality and formality of the city have still not been lost. The era of the nawabs also gifted Lucknow with literature, music, dance and arts and crafts that attract tourists. Lucknow tourism brings one closer to the glory days of the city, through a visit to its numerous monuments and ruins.

The city of Lucknow has a magical charm. Be it its delicious cuisine or its heart melting culture, the city leaves an everlasting impression on visitors. Even though flats have replaced Nawabi mansions, the city is still as charismatic as before.

Journey to the Silk Road – India

Ashwani Tiwari.