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Stone bun2018-03-19

Stone bun (石子馍/Shi Zi Mo) is a kind of Chinese-style baked roll with a long and profound history.

10-bowl banquet2018-03-19

The origin of the 10-bowl banquet in Shanzhou district of Sanmenxia, Henan province has much to do with the local climate in the Western part of the province, where it tends to be dry and cold with little rainfall.

Food street at Folk Cultural Park in Shanzhou district2018-03-19

A "living fossil" among Chinese residential housing, the underground courtyard is located in Shanzhou district, Sanmenxia city, Henan province. It is a unique tourist zone in the city.

Fat Baked Roll2018-03-19

Fat Baked Roll (脂油烧饼/Zhiyou Shaobing) is flat round and looks bright yellow. It is made up of thin layers and taste delicious and crispy.

Guanyintang Beef2018-03-14

Guanyintang Beef (观音堂牛肉/Guanyintang Niurou) is bright in color and tastes tender and delicious. The beef is preserved before cooking in a big pot with seasonings like fennel, clove, ginger and garlic.

Shuihua Foshou Sugar Cake2018-03-14

Shuihua Foshou Sugar Cake (水花佛手糖糕/Shuihua Foshou Tanggao), translated literally as "spray Buddha's-hand sugar cake", is a kind of wheat pastry in the shape of bubble. The cake taste sweet, crispy and soft.

Dadao Noodles2018-03-14

Dadao Noodles (大刀面/Da Dao Mian), literally translated as "big knife noodle", can be traced back to more than 200 years.

​Vinasse Egg2018-03-14

The Vinasse Egg (糟蛋/Zao Dan) has a unique taste of egg and wine.

Sanmenxia Department Store2017-11-29

Sanmenxia Department Store is a comprehensive modern shopping mall, located in downtown Sanmenxia.

Wanda Plaza2017-11-29

Sanmenxia Wanda Plaza is a modern leisure and entertainment facility, covering a floor area of 110,700 square meters.

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