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City of swans2018-10-16

From early winter to early spring, Sanmenxia plays host to an interesting, intimate group of friends --- white swans.

City tree and city flower of Sanmenxia2018-08-24

The cedar and the China rose were approved as Sanmenxia's city tree and city flower at a session of the People's Congress Standing Committee meeting on April 24, 2009.


The Sanmenxia dialect belongs to the language family of Mandarin - the northern dialect and official language of the central plains of China.

Resources and specialties2018-08-24

The city of Sanmenxia boasts nearly 100 kinds of local specialties, including mineral resources, dried and fresh fruits and vegetables, agricultural products, Chinese herbal medicines, famous snacks, rare animals and plants.


Sanmenxia is rich in tourism resource. Its early civilization, contemporary development, beautiful lakes, and splendid glaciers help make the place.

Sister cities2018-08-24

Japan's Kitakami city became a sister city of Sanmenxia in May 1995.

Major economic indicators (2017)2018-08-24

Sanmenxia's GDP for 2017 was 146.08 billion yuan.


Sanmenxia covers a 10,496-square-kilometer area and has a population of 2.27 million (by the end of 2012).

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