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Sanmenxia aims for high-quality development in 2018

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Updated: 2018-03-13

Sanmenxia, Central China's Henan province, is taking measures to ensure another prosperous year, according to the government report released during the city's two sessions.

The city achieved a regional GDP of 146 billion yuan ($23.1 billion) in 2017, a year-on-year increase of 8.5 percent, and plans to maintain that growth rate at eight percent in 2018.

The city has laid out several development goals for the coming year, including a nine percent growth rate in fixed asset investment, an 11 percent growth rate in total retail sales of consumer goods and a steady rise in imports and exports.

General public revenue is expected to grow by eight percent, with tax accounting for 70 percent. Per capita income of urban residents will increase by 8.5 percent and rural residents by eight percent.

The government will create more than 40,000 new jobs and keep the registered urban unemployment rate below 4.5 percent.

The city will also step up advanced manufacturing, strengthen civil-military integration and establish a chemical industry cluster with hopes of reaching a cumulative industrial output of at least 34 billion yuan.

Sanmenxia will place a strong emphasis on raising the standard of living for rural residents.

Rural productivity will be prioritized in order to boost agriculture. Measures will also be taken to provide a livable environment though the construction of rural roads, treatment of domestic waste and sewage and building and renovating toilets.

Surplus labor will continue to be transferred to urban areas in an effort to raise quality of life.

Sanmenxia aims for high-quality development in 2018

An Wei, mayor of Sanmenxia, presents a government report detailing the city's plans for 2018. [Photo by Su Hui and Sun Meng/ismx.cn]

The city will also work to improve tourism over the course of the year, improving tourist facilities and services and pushing to develop rural tourism, recreational tourism, and all-in-one tourism.

Construction of resorts, hotels and sightseeing lakes will be completed to bolster the tourism industry. Cultural resources, such as the Ganshan National Forest Park, Xiaohan Ancient Road and Kongxiang Temple, will be further developed. Modern health tourism will be a priority this year, providing people with leisure and healthcare services.

The city is expected to attract over 4.4 million visitors, garnering a revenue of 3.7 billion yuan.

Known as the City of Swans, Sanmenxia will strengthen environmental conservation in its pursuit of green development.

A series of projects which aim clean up the environment are in the works. These include adjusting energy structure, developing new energy and renewable energy, and developing urban public transportation.

The city will continue with its river chief system, tightening requirements in areas of water resource management and elimination of black and odorous water.

Reforms will be strengthened in administrative sectors to streamline administration, delegate powers, and improve regulation and services. Efforts will be stepped up to improve registration and post-registration systems for businesses, implement a system of random inspection and increase transparency in business activities.

Plans to remove 36 state-owned "zombie enterprises" from the market and shut down all outdated production facilities that fail to meet standards are also on the agenda.

Government performance will be improved through the enforcement of accountability systems so as to deliver better services to the people.

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