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Sanmenxia travel guide2018-10-15

Located in the west of Henan Province, Sanmenxia is seated at the convergence of the Henan, Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces.

Yellow River tourist route2013-05-31

The design work on this with 120 km route began in 1986, as one of Sanmenxia’s earliest and most unique tourist projects and an ideal place to see the scenery of the Yellow River.

Landscape sightseeing2013-05-31

Geographically speaking, Sanmenxia sits at the intersection of the Qinling Mountains, the Loess Plateau and the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River plains.

Three tour plans 2013-05-31

The tour route covers Sanmenxia’s downtown area and major scenic spots within a 50-kilometer radius. Visitors can eat and live in the city and need only 40 minutes to reach the farthest scenic spots.

Yellow River tour2013-05-31

The Yellow River resembles a golden dragon, rushing unceasingly through Central China. For thousands of years, she has cultivated Chinese culture and embodied the spirit and power of Chinese descendants.

Pilgrim tour2013-05-31

Seeking ancient civilizations in Sanmenxia is a journey filled with wisdom, twists and turns.

Three-day tour2013-05-31

A Route: Yellow River - Gantang Garden - Guo State Museum - Sanmenxia Dam - Ganshan National Forest Park - Tianjing Kiln Courtyard - Kongxiang Temple - Hangu Pass - Dinghu Bay - Empress Mountain

Two-day featured tour2013-05-31

A Route: Yellow River sightseeing tour Shanzhou Park - Swan Lake National Urban Wetland Park - the Yellow River - Sanmenxia Dam - Dinghu Bay

Half-day tour and one-day tour2013-05-31

Visit the Guo State Museum (AAAA), one of China’s three biggest museums for ancient ruins; go sightseeing at the spectacular Sanmenxia Dam (AAA), “mainstay” stone and Chang Island.

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