Amazonian indigenous march down Bolivia

Updated: 2011-09-23 15:06


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Amazonian indigenous march down Bolivia
Bolivian indigenous leader Adolfo Chavez of CIDOB (Confederacion Indigena del Oriente Boliviano) is seen near the entrance to Yucumo, where police are preventing indigenous people from marching to avoid a confrontation with settlers of Yucumo, Sept 22, 2011. Amazonian ethnic groups living in the Isiboro Secure territory, known by its Spanish acronym TIPNIS, are completing a 370-mile (595-km) march from Trinidad, in the northern Beni province, to La Paz to protest against a projected 185-mile-long (298-km-long) highway that will bisect the protected park in the Amazon forest, activists leading the march said. The protesters, who have a list of demands apart from their rejection of the highway project being financed by Brazil, are entering a rural region with strong sentiments for Morales, raising the possibility of confrontations on their way to La Paz. The march is into its 37th day. [Photo/Agencies]

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