Avoid darkness under the light  2009-08-26 07:41:19

Avoid darkness under the light

Disaster reveals solidarity of the Chinese nation  2009-08-25 08:02:19

Disaster reveals solidarity of the Chinese nation

Greater Chengguan & good governance  2009-08-24 07:53:39

Greater Chengguan & good governance

Money not the only hope for kids  2009-08-21 07:57:11

Money not the only hope for kids

Not China's 'wild' west  2009-08-20 07:50:10

Not China's 'wild' west

'Zero refusal' is a step forward  2009-08-19 07:56:18

'Zero refusal' is a step forward

Cooperation in space  2009-08-18 07:53:39

Cooperation in space

Respecting the elderly  2009-08-17 07:45:57

Respecting the elderly

Law should be equal for all  2009-08-14 07:44:47

Law should be equal for all

Immaturity among the 'new rich'  2009-08-13 07:45:27

Immaturity among the 'new rich'

Fairness and impartiality matter most  2009-08-12 07:50:19

Fairness and impartiality matter most

Correction on US ambassadors  2009-08-11 07:46:11

Correction on US ambassadors

Booty for a clean official  2009-08-10 07:49:47

Booty for a clean official

Turbulence in Sino-Aussie ties  2009-08-07 07:44:46

Turbulence in Sino-Aussie ties

Invest in southern, western Xinjiang  2009-08-06 07:47:51

Invest in southern, western Xinjiang

Don't blame nature  2009-08-05 07:52:38

Don't blame nature

Money not the only hope for children  2009-08-04 07:55:49

Money not the only hope for children

Ma's election as KMT chairman  2009-08-03 07:46:35

Ma's election as KMT chairman

China should choose its own path  2009-07-31 07:54:56

China should choose its own path

Poetic license not always attractive  2009-07-30 07:48:38

Poetic license not always attractive

Making ladies of women  2009-07-29 07:53:33

Plagiarism can't be ignored  2009-07-28 07:52:22

Culture linked to ethnic actions  2009-07-27 07:43:54

The penalty must be deterrent  2009-07-24 07:47:37

Be patient when at the wheel  2009-07-23 07:49:08

Solar eclipse for science education  2009-07-21 07:55:00

Pros and cons of Rio Tinto case  2009-07-20 07:48:59

For better 2010 Shanghai Expo  2009-07-16 07:50:46


Is climate change the most pressing threat for mankind?

As world leaders are slated to gather in Copenhagen this month to find a replacement to the Kyoto Protocol, talks about climate change are gathering steam. But is climate change the most pressing threat for mankind?

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Asia has rebounded fast from the depth of the global crisis. Initially, the region was hit extremely hard, with output in most countries shrinking by much more than even those nations at the epicenter of the crisis.

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