Work to enjoy holiday

Updated: 2012-02-01 08:01

(China Daily)

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Chinese people might have spent the Spring Festival holiday differently but have more or less the same complaint about returning to work after seven days: depression, weight gain and low work efficiency. Though the advice of physicians and psychologists may help, it's important that people change their opinion about work, says an article in Yangtze Evening News. Excerpts:

The post-holiday syndrome has its roots in the conventional thinking that work is simply a means of survival, separate from holiday. This dichotomy makes the transition from holiday to work particularly unpleasant.

While most of the people were enjoying their Spring Festival holiday, many had to work and others took days off in turn. But they had a sense of satisfaction because their work made life convenient for the hundreds of millions enjoying the holiday.

Nowadays, work is more than just a means of survival; it entails social value. People can change society for the better both at work and during holidays. They will be more willing to resume work after a holiday if they value their work and others respect and reward them for their labor.

It is true that during holidays, people can relax with their families. But it is also true that people can work to improve the life of their families and make the life of even strangers convenient if they value their work.

Work and holiday combine to make a person's life meaningful. Thus to enjoy one's work and to work for the improvement of society are perhaps the best remedy for the post-holiday syndrome. A person can resume work after a holiday without a hitch only if he/she attaches equal importance to both.

(China Daily 02/01/2012 page9)