Plan on reinvigoration of the cultural industry

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Updated: 2013-06-26

IV. Policies and measures

1. To lower the thresholds. We should implement the relevant provisions of the state on non-public capital's and foreign fund's entry into the cultural industry. We should, according to different cultural sectors, actively absorb non-public capital and foreign funds to enter into the cultural sectors allowed under relevant policies and participate in stock system corporate restructuring of state-owned cultural enterprises by sole fund, joint fund, cooperation and other diversified means so as to form a structure of cultural industry keeping public ownership as the mainstay and allowing diverse forms of ownership to develop side by side.

2. To increase government' fund input. The Central Government and the people's governments at all levels shall increase the fund input to the cultural industry, and by interest discount loans, project subsidies, replenishment of capital and other means, bolster the construction of cultural industrial bases at the state level, support the major projects as well as the trans-regional integration in the cultural industry, support the stock system transformation of the state controlling cultural enterprises, encourage the research and development of new products and new technologies in the cultural industry and support the export of staple cultural products and services. We should greatly increase the "Fund Exclusive for Supporting the Development of the Cultural Industry" and the "Fund Exclusive for the Reform of the Cultural System" from the central treasury and incessantly increase the support to the development of the cultural development and the reform of the cultural system.

3. To implement the tax policies. We should implement the relevant preferential tax policies in the Notice of the General Office of the State Council on Printing and Distributing the Provisions on Transforming Cultural Commercial Public Institutions into Enterprises during the Reform of the Cultural System and Supporting the Development of Cultural Enterprises, research and decide the concrete scope for the back-up technologies of the cultural industry and increase the tax support for the development of the cultural industry.

4. To increase the financial support. We should encourage banking financial institutions to increase financial support to cultural enterprises. We should actively encourage the guarantee institutions and re-guarantee institutions to develop loan guaranty products to bolster the development of the cultural industry and the cultural enterprises' "going out". We should encourage eligible cultural enterprises to get finance by getting listed at the main board and growth enterprise board and encourage the listed cultural enterprises to become stronger rapidly through merger and reorganization by public issue of additional stocks, targeted issue of additional stocks and other means of re-financing. We encourage qualified cultural enterprises to issue corporate bonds.

5. To establish investment fund for the cultural industry of China. We should, under the relevant administrative measures, absorb subscriptions by state-owned backbone cultural enterprises, large state-owned enterprises and financial institutions according to the capital injection directions of the central treasury. The fund shall be managed by a specialized agency and be operated under the market rules so as to push forward the reorganization and structural adjustment of resources by stock investments and other means and promote the realization of the strategic goal for the cultural development of the state.

V. Guarantee requirements

1. To strengthen the organization and leadership. The local people's governments at all levels shall, under the requirement of the Scientific Outlook on Development, earnestly put the implementation of the Plan on their agenda, integrate the objectives and tasks as given in the Plan into the overall plan on the economic and social development, establish pertinent evaluation, assessment and responsibility rules as the important items for evaluating the local development level and measuring the quality of development and actual performances of the officers. The cultural administrative departments shall, under the coordination and guidance of the publicity departments of Party Committee, organize the execution of the Plan, and the relevant departments shall closely cooperate with them so as to ensure the actual completion of all of the tasks as given in the Plan.

2. To deepen the reform of the cultural system. We should further emancipate and develop the cultural productivity and stimulate the cultural creativity of the whole society through the reform of cultural system. We should, by focusing on the major tasks of transforming state-owned commercial cultural entities into enterprises and re-establishing the market participants, accelerate the corporate restructuring, merger and reorganization of the publication entities, speed up the corporate restructuring of film production, distribution and film screening entities and art theatres and troupes and do a good job in the reform of the system of distribution of Party newspapers and periodicals as well as in the reform of separating the production of radio and TV programs from the broadcasting thereof. We should vigorously push forward the reform of the administrative management system and the shift of the governmental functions so as to establish highly efficient comprehensive law enforcement institutions for the cultural market.

3. To foster talents for the cultural industry. We should continue doing a good job in publicizing the "Four Batches" talent fostering program in the cultural sector throughout the country and strengthen the fostering of industrial leaders and professional talents in various categories. We should continue doing a good job in offering lectures for the training of business operation and management talents so as to foster a batch of talents who are familiar with the market economy rules, know how to operate businesses and are good at managing businesses. We should absorb the excellent talents in the financial, finance and scientific and technological sectors to enter into the cultural industry. We should stress the introduction of overseas top notch talents in cultural creation, research and development, management, etc. so as to provide a strong guarantee for the development of the cultural industry of China.

4. To intensify the legislation work. We should further improve the legal system to strengthen the regulation and management of the development of the cultural industry. We should improve the national system of protection of intellectual property, stringently crack down on various piracies and infringements and promote the development of the national cultural creativity.

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