Plan on reinvigoration of the cultural industry

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Updated: 2013-06-26

The Seventeenth National People's Congress of the CPC expressly requires that we should actively develop the pro bono cultural undertaking, vigorously develop the cultural industry, inspire the cultural creativity of the whole nation and more consciously and actively promote the development and prosperity of culture. To implement the Central requirements, we should lay an emphasis on the development of the pro bono cultural undertaking and in the mean time, accelerate the reinvigoration of the cultural industry and give full play to the important role of the cultural industry in adjusting the structure, boosting the domestic demand, creating jobs and promoting the development. This plan is worked out by taking into consideration the current new situation of responding to the international financial crisis and the earnest demand of reform and development of the cultural sector.

I. The importance and urgency of reinvigoration of the cultural industry

The cultural industry is an important carrier for the prosperity and development of the socialist culture under the market economic conditions, an important means for satisfying various, multi-level and multi-aspect demands of the people in spiritual culture, as well as a major emphasis for promoting the adjustment of the economic structure and changing the mode of economic development. Since the Sixteenth National Congress of the CPC, the CCCPC and the State Council have attached great importance to the development of the cultural industry and have taken a series policies and measures to deepen the reform of the cultural system and accelerate the development of the cultural industry. We have made significant progress in transforming the state-owned commercial cultural entities into enterprises. There has arisen a batch of strong and competitive cultural enterprises and conglomerates. The scale of the cultural industry has gradually expanded. We can see a preliminary cultural industry structure with public ownership playing a dominant role and diverse forms of ownership developing side by side. The culture's pace of "going out" has been accelerated, the deficit in the trade of cultural import and export has been gradually reduced and the international competitiveness of the cultural industry of China has been incessantly enhanced. All in all, the cultural industry of China has been developing soundly and vigorously and has become a significant engine to promote the development and prosperity of the socialist culture and a new growth point for the economic development. At the same time, we should also realize that the development of Chinese cultural industry still remains low and lacks vigorousness. It can not satisfy the increasing demands of the people in spiritual culture. It does not adapt well to the increasingly improved system of socialist market economy, the rapid development and wide application of modern science and technology and the new situation of China' s opening wider and wider to the outside world. At the present time, we still do not see the bottom of the international financial crisis which has brought a great impact on the development of the cultural industry, but there are new opportunities and favorable conditions in the face of difficulties and challenges. The culture has a function of reverse adjustment. The cultural industry can buck the trend in the face of economic slide. This is a good opportunity to innovate in the cultural system and invigorate the cultural industry. We should grasp this opportunity to reinvigorate the cultural industry and make contributions to realizing the goals of "ensuring the growth, boosting the domestic demand, adjusting the structure, promoting the reform and improving the livelihood."

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