Plan on reinvigoration of the cultural industry

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Updated: 2013-06-26


III. Major tasks

At the present time and during a period in the future, we should strive to well accomplish the following 8 tasks:

1. To develop the major cultural sectors. We should take the cultural creations, film and TV program production, publication, printing and replication, advertising, performing arts and entertainment, cultural exhibition, digital content, animation and other sectors as the emphases, intensify the support to the said sectors and improve the system of industrial policies so as to realize the great-leap-forward development. For the cultural creation sector, we should stress the development of enterprises of cultural science and technology, music production, art creation, animation and game, etc. and enhance their influence and leading strength so as to help fuel the boom of the relevant service sector and manufacturing sector. For the film and TV program production sector, we should enhance the productivity of films, TV plays and TV programs and expand the production, distribution and screening of films and TV programs as well as the development of follow-up products so as to satisfy the demand of digital films and TV programs based on multimedia and multi-ends. For the publication sector, we should propel the adjustment and upgrade of the industrial structure, accelerate the pace of transforming this sector, which mainly relies on traditional publications in hardcopy, into a digital publication sector on the basis of multi-media publications. For the publication distribution sector, we should actively carry out business operations across different regions, different industries and different ownerships and form several large distribution conglomerates so as to enhance the overall strength and competitiveness. For the printing and replication sector, we should develop the high-tech printing and featured printing and establish several printing and replication bases with their respective characteristics and advanced technologies. For the performing arts sector, we should speed up the formation of a batch of large performing art conglomerates and strengthen the construction of performance network. For the animation sector, we should strive to create international popular animation characters and brands and make this sector become an important growth point for the cultural industry.

2. To implement the strategy of focusing on major projects to propel the development of the entire industry. We should take the cultural enterprises as the main bodies, give more policy support to them and fully deploy the strength of all aspects of the society so as to accelerate the establishment of a batch of major cultural projects with significant exemplary effects and leading industrial role. We should continue pushing forward the domestic animation re-invigoration program, national digital film production base construction program, multi-media database and economic information platform, program of "database of traditional Chinese characters", national "intellectual resource database" publication program and other major cultural construction projects. We should choose to support a batch of major projects which can be implemented.

3. To foster backbone cultural enterprises. We should make efforts to foster a batch of strong and competitive backbone cultural enterprises so as to enhance the entire strength and international competitiveness of the cultural industry of China. We should adhere to the government's guidance, market operation, scientific planning and reasonable layout, give more policy support to a batch of prospective and competitive cultural enterprises or conglomerates chosen from the major cultural sectors, propel combination or reorganization of enterprises across different regions and different sectors, expand the scale of enterprises as soon as possible, enhance the intensive business operation level and promote the resource integration and structural adjustment in the cultural sector. We should encourage and direct eligible cultural enterprises to get financing in the capital market, foster a batch of strategic investors in the cultural sector, realize expansion at low cost and make stronger the cultural enterprises.

4. To accelerate the construction of cultural industrial parks and bases. We should intensify the overall planning on the layout of cultural industrial parks and bases, stick to the standards, give prominence to their respective characteristics, enhance the level and promote the reasonable allocation of various resources and division of sectors. For those industrial parks and bases which conform to the planning, we should support them in respect of infrastructure construction, use of land, tax policies, etc. We should build several regional cultural product logistic centers radiating the whole country, build a batch of exemplary bases for cultural creation, film and TV program production, publication, printing and replication, performing art and entertainment, animation and other sectors, and support and accelerate the development of cultural industrial groups with regional and national characteristics.

5. To expand the cultural consumption. We should incessantly cater to the new changes of the urban and rural residents' consumption structure and the new demands of their taste, make innovations to the cultural products and services, enhance the awareness of cultural consumption and foster new hot spots of consumption. We should intensify the creation of original works and foster a batch of well-known cultural brands with core competitiveness. We should strive to lower the cost and provide affordable and diversified spiritual cultural products and services. We should accelerate the construction of theme parks with independent intellectual property, high scientific and technology content and Chinese cultural characteristics. We should develop the consumption of such services as education and training, gym, tourism and recreation which combine the culture, so as to propel the development of relevant sectors.

6. To build a system of modern cultural market. We should establish sound markets with diversified cultural products and elements and promote the reasonable circulation of cultural products and production elements. We should focus on the construction of rapid cultural transmission channels with wide coverage. We should develop art performance theatre lines and propel the chain operation of performance premises in major cities. We should support the construction of national cultural ticket networks. We should give an impetus to the integration of cable TV networks, encourage the regional integration and trans-regional business operation of radio and TV networks by merger, reorganization and other means. We should propel the trans-regional integration of cinema lines and digital cinema lines as well as the construction and renovation of digital cinemas. We should encourage state-owned publishing and publication enterprises to realize trans-regional merger and reorganization on the basis of capital. We should encourage the non-state capital to enter into such sectors as cultural creation, film and TV program production, performing art and entertainment, and animation. We should support and give priority to the selection of cultural equipment and products with independent intellectual property and high quality.

7. To develop the new cultural business forms. We should adopt digital, network and other high and new technologies to propel the upgrading of the cultural industry. We should support the development of mobile multimedia radio and TV, internet-based radio, TV and film, digital multimedia radio as well as cellphone radio and TV programs and develop mobile cultural information services, digital entertainment products and other appreciation businesses so as to provide content services for various potable display ends. We should accelerate the digital process of the radio and TV broadcasting and film screening. We should actively push forward the construction of the radio and TV network of the next generation, give play to the roles of basic facilities for the mobile telecommunication network of the third generation, broadband optical fiber access network and other networks, formulate and improve the network standards, promote the connection of networks and the sharing of resources and give an impetus to the integration of the three networks. We should actively develop voice reading materials in hardcopy, electronic books, cellphone newspapers, internet-based publications and other new forms of publication businesses. We should develop high-tech printing. We should employ high and new technologies to renovate the traditional entertainment facilities and stage technologies, encourage cultural equipment suppliers to research and develop new types of cinemas, digital cinema and entertainment equipment, portable acoustic system, mobile performance systems and multi-function integrated acoustic products. We should intensify the research and development of digital technologies, digital content, network technologies and other core technologies so as to accelerate the renovation and upgrading of the key technologies and equipment.

8. To expand foreign cultural trade. We should implement the preferential policies of the state on encouraging and supporting the export of cultural products and services and support the market expansion, technological innovations, customs clearance, etc. for the export of cultural products and services. We will formulate a List of National Major Cultural Export Enterprises and Projects for 2009-2010 and form a long-term effective mechanism to encourage and support the export of cultural products and services. We should focus on supporting the export of such products and services with our national characteristics as culture and arts, exhibitions, films, TV programs, animations, online games, publications, folk music and dance, and acrobat, and do a good job in the construction of an international marketing network. We should encourage animations, online games, electronic publications and other cultural products to enter into the international market. We should encourage cultural enterprises to run cultural entities abroad and establish outlets for the marketing of cultural products by sole fund, joint fund, controlling shares, having shares and other means so as to realize local business operation. We should do a good job in holding cultural exhibitions supported as focuses by the state and boost the export of cultural products and services through China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industry Expo, China International Radio, Film and TV Programs Expo, Beijing International Book Expo, etc. We should encourage cultural enterprises to take part in overseas book exhibitions, films and TV programs exhibitions, art festivals and other large international exhibitions and cultural activities.

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