Jet Li attends Taichi Culture Forum

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Updated: 2013-02-08

Kung fu star Jet Li attended the Taichi Culture Forum to share his understanding of taichi culture and taichi zen on Dec 30, 2012.

Jet Li, together with Ma Yun, president of the board of Alibaba Group, set up TaijiZen International Cultural Development Company in March 2011 to spread the taichi zen idea of healthy living throughout the world.

Speaking of taichi culture, Jet Li said he was attracted by Taichi Lake, the moment he came to the Wudang Mountains. According to him, taichi has already found its way as a branch of philosophy in China’s 5,000 years of civilization, and it has been closely connected to all human beings living on earth today. He himself often shares taichi culture with others all over the world. His love of taichi philosophy can be traced back to his childhood. At a young age his master taught him concepts such as attack and defense in the same essence as taichi.

Jet Li thinks that taichi zen is Chinese people's common attitude towards life. Taichi Quan(a form of martial art)could make your body fit, but it doesn't guarantee your happiness. Happiness is what one may achieve in zen through the learning and perception of taichi philosophy and culture. Last year, when he first came to Wudang, he dreamed of publishing a magazine to promote taichi culture. Now the dream has come true. He has published the magazine TaijiZen in a joint effort with the talent periodical office.

According to Jet Li, yoga has 100 million practicers thanks to 15 years of US promotion throughout the world, while taichi quan already has 150 million practicers without any promotion. Martial arts is rich in cultural connotation, not merely a kind of competitive sport. He was even more overwhelmed by the depth of spiritual heritage created 600 years ago after his visits to the Wudang Mountains. He is willing to strive to promote taichi culture.

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