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Updated: 2012-09-19

The Tianjin North Port is expected to allocate three large container terminals: namely, the East Pierhead, the Free Trade Zone and the North Pierhead. The coastline is 9.96 km long in total, and the land occupies an area of 7.8 sq km. There are 32 container berths in total, achieving a carrying capacity of 16 million TEU/year.

The container terminal at the East Pierhead includes the berths respectively located at the Port Basin #4 and the northern and southern sides of the East Pierhead. They are now completed. The coastline is 3,164m long in total, with a carrying capacity of 3.8 million TEU/year.

In addition, the coastline of the terminals affiliated to the Port Basin #4 Container Terminal Company is 826 m long, the bottom elevation is -15.2 m high, the land is around 430m deep, and the carrying capacity is up to 1 million TEU; the coastline of the Orient container terminals to the south of the East Pierhead is 1,136m long, with the bottom elevation of -12m high, the land is between 230-400m deep, and the carrying capacity is 1.3 million TEU; the coastline of the Five Continents International Container Dock to the north of the East Pierhead is 1,202 m long, the bottom elevation is -15.2m, the land is 300 m deep, and the carrying capacity is 1.5 million TEU.

Because the East Pierhead lacks supporting land, the plots of land to the south of Xingang No.4 Road and the east area of parking lots for the four zones will be integrated into supporting land for the East Pierhead container terminals after the planning of "North-to-South Mineral Diversion". After that, the supporting land will cover an area of 1.72 sq km.

The container terminals to the east of the free trade zone include Phase I, Phase II under construction and the proposed Section C container terminal for the North Port Basin. The coastline is 3,300m long in total. From the boundary Lingang Road, the depth is 770 m, covering an area of 2.5 sq.km2. 10 container berths range 50,000-100,000 DWT, with a carrying capacity of 6.6million TEU/year. In the near future or for a middle-term run, the container terminals to the east of the free trade zone serve as the main force of marine mainline transportation for developing containers Tianjin Port.

The North Pierhead Container Terminal starts from the Support System Zone to the North Branch Port Basin 1# to the boundary with Tianjin North Port, and the coastline is 3.5 km long in total. After the planning, the land area is bordered respectively by Linhai North Road, Xingang No.7 Road and Yuejin Road, with land area up to 3.58 sq km. Then, ten 50,000-100,000DWT container berths will be established, realizing a carrying capacity of around 5.6 million TEU.

Tianjin Port contributes two national model workers


Cheng Weidong, deputy director of a trailer service team in Tianjin Port; and Zhang Ruiyuan, director of the third team of Tianjin Port Coal Wharf were selected as "national model workers".

Motor train parts leaves Tianjin Port to Egypt


The first high speed train parts and accessories produced by the China CNR Corporation were loaded at the Tianjin Port Huisheng Terminal and were ready to be shipped to Egypt on April 13.

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