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  • Miniature "Water Cubes" to glint on Mount Tai


    Seven mini "Water Cubes" are under construction on Mount Tai.

  • Tai'an bureau of agriculture forges ties with China Mobile


    The Tai'an municipal bureau of agriculture recently inked a cooperation agreement with the Tai'an Branch of China Mobile to jointly promote the development of "Internet plus Modern Agriculture".

  • China willing to work with world on globalization


    China opposes the many forms of trade protectionism and supports free trade, Vice-Premier Zhang Gaoli said on Sunday, amid rising anti-globalization sentiment around the world.

  • Building brands spurs output growth


    Thirty-one Shandong-based companies and brands were highlighted in this year's provincial government work report announced in February, as the government is carrying out a strategy to build a number of internationally in fluential brands.

  • Province draws foreign projects


    China's eastern coastal province of Shandong has achieved major progress in absorbing foreign investments in recent years, especially from Fortune Global 500 companies, thanks to both its strengthened cooperation with foreign multinationals and efforts to improve the local business environment.

  • International trade specialists promote SMEs' massive boom


    Shandong, a coastal province in eastern China, saw the most rapid increase in foreign trade of all provinces in the country last year, in contrast with decelerating economic growth worldwide.

  • 10 benefits in people's livelihood expected in 2017


    The Chinese government vowed to promote social development to ensure and improve the wellbeing of people in 2017, according to the Government Work Report.