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  • Ancient Xianya Tourism and Cultural Scenic Area

    The Ancient Xianya Tourism and Cultural Scenic Area in Tai'an, Shandong province houses ancient Chinese government offices.

  • Jade Emperor Summit

    Jade Emperor Summit is the highest point on Mount Tai, which is also renamed as...

  • Wudafu Pine

    According to Historical Records, when the first emperor of Qin Dynasty (221-206 BC) came to climb Mount Tai in 219 BC, he was caught in a storm and then stayed under a huge tree for protection.

  • Cloud Stepping Bridge

    The bridge is above the deep and precipitous valley.

  • Middle Heavenly Gate

    The gate is also called Second Heavenly Gate, which is 847 meters high above sea level.

  • Shiba Pan

    Shiba Pan, or Eighteen Twists is the steepest and most splendid part among all the parts of the ancient mountaineering path.

  • Guest-greeting Pine

    On the west hill slope of Wudafu Pine, the Guest-greeting Pine stands still and elegantly.

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