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  • Snack attack at Tianyi Lake beer festival

    The fifth Taishan Tianyi Lake Summer Beer and Food Festival kicked off at Tianyi Lake scenic area in Tai'an, Shandong province on July 17.

  • Essential foods for Chinese New Year's Eve

    Let's take a look at some essential dishes on the New Year's Eve dinner table!

  • Mount Tai Baganba Feast

    The Mount Tai Baganba Feast, different from an ordinary feast, has strict regulations on the amount of dishes, the kinds of plates and bowls used, and the order of serving dishes.

  • Mount Tai Cold Noodle

    It is said that the Mount Tai Cold Noodle dates back to the Tang Dynasty (618-907) before Empress Wu Zetian was selected to be an imperial concubine of Emperor Tang Taizong.

  • Mount Tai Donkey Oil Shaobing

    Mount Tai Donkey Oil Shaobing refers to a famous traditional delicacy of Tai'an which involves dough used to make shaobing, a kind of roasted and traditional flatbread, is added seasonings, such as donkey oil, sesame, sesame oil, fennel powder and chili powder, and then roasted.

  • Three Delicacies of Tai'an

    Three delicacies of Tai'an, a famous dish in Tai'an, Shandong province, is made of Chinese cabbage, tofu, and Mount Tai spring water.

  • White pear of Mount Tai

    White pears of Mount Tai are mainly grown in the area of Zhonggong town, Xiying town, Yinxiuchun village in Licheng district.

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