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Sugarcane festival, a folk custom of Wuchang

"On March 28, we go to Hongshan to worship Bodhisattva. With more money in our pocket, we eat sugarcanes. With less money in hand, we eat fried dough twists."

Jingzhou folk custom: temple fair at Guan Yu Temple

In the first month of the lunar year and on May 13th of the lunar calendar, a grand temple fair is held at the Temple of Guan Yu.

Leather-silhouette show

The leather-silhouette show can be dated back to the West Han Dynasty about 2,000 years ago. It is also known as the sheep skin play, head play and shadow play.

Hubei folk paper cutting art

Women of Xiaogan city, Hubei province, have the folk custom of singing Qing Qi songs on the fifteenth day of the first lunar month.

Folk customs of Hakka People in Hubei

Hakka People are particular about ancient customs and have carried on many traditions. They will eat soup on the first day of the lunar year, rice crackers and fruit sugars on January 20, mashed tea on February 15, fried green beans when insects are awake and black dyed rice on the Tomb-sweeping Day.

Wedding lament, unique custom of the Tujia ethnic group

The Tujia ethnic group has a unique folk custom, in which the bride wails upon leaving her home on the wedding day. Women of Tujia ethnic group have the "weeping tradition", before marriage. They start to sing wailing songs for half a month, or even one month before the wedding day.

Stay up on New Year's Eve: the rural folk custom of northwest Hubei

In the Chinese lunar calendar, the last day of the twelfth month is called New Year's Eve.

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