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Folk customs of northwest Hubei -- meeting the God of Wealth

The rural areas of northwest Hubei province have a folk custom of meeting the God of Wealth on the eve of the New Year.

Folk culture of Daye

Daye city, located in the southeast of Hubei province, boasts 3,000 years of cultural heritage.

Tianmeng Sugar Figurine

Tianmeng Sugar Figurine is listed in the directory of state intangible cultural heritage, and commonly referred to as blowing sugar figure.

Hubei paper-cutting

The paper-cutting, one of the most typical Chinese folk arts, is a kind of manual art to express the public’s feelings by cutting paper with knives and scissors.

Hubei papercuts

Hubei papercuts enjoy a long history which can be traced back to Tang Dynasty.

Ba People

The Ba people, an ethnic group living in eastern Sichuan and western Hubei provinces in ancient China, were well known for their boldness and gallantry.

Shadow play, Hubei intangible cultural heritage

Shadow play is composed by a white screen, a flame, some music and a few flat puppets that move and tell a story.

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