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10th Hubei Wuhan–Taiwan Week opens

The 10th Hubei Wuhan–Taiwan Week is underway in Wuhan, capital of Hubei province until Oct 28, and representatives of 100 cross–Straits enterprises took part in a forum immediately after the opening ceremony on Oct 23.

International energy experts attend academic conference

The International Conference on Power Engineering (ICOPE) 2013 opened in Wuhan, capital of Hubei province, on Oct 24.

Hot air balloon challenge to raise awareness of Hong'an

The 2013 H1 China Hong'an Hot Air Balloon Challenge and the "Green village, beautiful Hong'an" Aerial Photography Competition will be held in Hong'an county, in Huanggang city of Hubei province, from Oct 25 to 28.

Taiwan residents show great interest in tours to Hubei

A Hubei tourism delegation promoted several tour itineraries in the province, which attracted reservations from nearly 3,000 Taiwan residents, at the eighth Taipei Cross-Straits Travel Fair which was held in Taipei from Oct 18 to 21.

10th Optoelectronic Expo to open in Wuhan

About 300 companies and more than 2,500 domestic and foreign experts , scholars and business people are expected to take part in the 10th China Optical Valley International Optoelectronic Exposition in Wuhan from Nov 2 to 5.

Symposium on Taiwan travel held in Wuhan

A symposium concerning ways to improve the trips of Hubei residents traveling in Taiwan and also regulations for such trips, was held in Wuhan city, capital of Hubei province, on Oct 14.

CCTV program to showcase Yichang's scenery

A CCTV crew, headed by Guo Jihong, producer and chief director of the program Our Chinese Heart,Music Domains, arrived in Yichang city, Hubei province, on Oct 15.