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Planning and designing projects in Hebei call for bids

1. Planning of Shuangluan Vanadic Titanium Industry Cluster District, Chengde City

I. Project Area

The programming district will be enclosed by Luanhe Town, Luanhe Street and some administrative villages of Xidi Manchu Township. The planned area is about 40 square kilometers.

II. Project Background

With eight expressways crossing in Chengde and facing large-scale ports including Caofeidian and Tianjin, the transportation system is very convenient in Chengde which can be regarded as a "Inland Seaside Steel Production Base". There are rich reserves of vanadic titanomagnetite resources in Chengde. The proven reserve is 8 billion tons which is the second largest in the whole country. And the future reserve will be 10 billion tons which will be the largest in the whole country. Because it is harmful to use vanadic titanomagnetite directly, such ore can only be used in large scale by Chengde Steel Company and Panzhihua Steel Company, which makes the iron ore cost paid by Chengde Vandic Titanium around 7% lower than if they were using ore from Tangshan or Shanxi. In this way, the cost of steel can be decreased by 112 yuan per ton, which is 2.8% of the present steel price. Differing from other areas of Hebei Province, Chengde is not encouraged to develop high-pollution industries because it has many tourist sites. This allows Chengde Vanadic Titanium to monopolize the steel supply and the ore demand to some degree and conveniently allows it to develop its vanadic titanium industry.

III. Planning Object

The whole developing objective is: "to build an internationally competitive high-tech park district, a modern new city district with Chengde cultural details and an ecological industry park district." For the most part, the development goals of the whole district will be achieved though the second and third district. Those goals are constructing a modern high-tech industry, graceful city view, comfortable habitation conditions and advanced modern management and service system.

IV. Planning and Design Points

1. Adhering to the scientific development view

Insisting on a people first, holistic, sustainable, coordianted approach, promoting the overall development of Shuangluan Industry Cluster District of Chengde City.

2. High starting point, high standard and overall high level

The overall plan and infrastructure construction of Shuangluan Industry Park is to treasure every inch of land, follow current coherent industry interface requirements, holistically increase the benefits achieved when production has reached a certain scale and centralize, advance the industry centralization and cultivate independent innovation abilities of enterprises according to the matching requirements of modern technology, and gradually reach the international standard for building successful high-class brand park so as to promote better development on a better base with better projects.

3. Scientific distribution, intensive land use and scale concentration

Utilize the existing mountains, water system and roads in the planned area to divide the area so as to form the industry group with scientific distribution, which is not only convenient to cooperate and exchange between industries, but also can help industries avoid influencing, interrupting and polluting each other. Consolidate land to reduce land-use cost, improve land-use efficiency and share installations and resources sufficiently. Strengthen centralization benefits to unify the scale and form integrated core competitiveness. At the same time, based on Chengde City's reality, to develop superior regional resources, highlight the industry characteristics, improve the quality of investment and try to introduce strategical investors.

4. Give prominence to establish mountainous feature

Chengde City will construct a mountainous international tourist city which is suitable for living by constructing mountains and rivers that will merge with the existing surrounding mountains. The terrain in the planned district is relatively plain surrounded by mountains. Luan River with east-west trend and Yinxun River with south-north trend are passing the middle part of the planned district. The plan should study those mountains and rivers seriously. The construction should be performed in accordance with the actual conditions so as to form a mountainous scientific and technological park with Chengde features.

5. Try to construct a harmonious scientific and technological park

With the important social support of the harmonious society, the industry park will grow healthily and soundly. Shuangluan Industry Cluster Park should stand on the point of constructing the harmonious society to build a harmonious scientific and technological park and combine the industrial area, resettlement area, service area and the transportation structure organically so as to construct a civilized, safe and harmonious new-type scientific and technological park.

V. Planning Achievements

1. Design papers: word description and attached figures

2. Blueprint exhibition board: No.A0 blueprint exhibition board must reflect the design ideas including planned general ichnography, analysis chart of land planning and use, traffic streamline analysis chart, sight system, planning analysis chart of public space and an aerial view of the whole area. 3. Electronical documents

Provide such electronical documents with the contents of design papers, blueprints and description papers, in which the format of text files is doc, of blueprint files is dwg and jpg.

VI. Cooperation Mode:

International bidding

VII. Liaison

Contact person: Liufei, Shuangluan District Substatio of Chengde City Urban and Rural Planning Bureau Tel: 86-314-4302686

2. Detailed Urban Design of 5-sq km New Developed Area in Chengde New Town

I. Project Content

The planned area is located at the south district of Chengde and on the west end of the crossing between Luan River and Wulie River, which is an important part of South New Town. The east side of the planned area is next to the new town of education----Fengyingzi and the future CBD----Yanyingzi. The west side is neighbouring Shangzhazi and Xiazhazi Business Park. The South is in the direction of Shangbancheng Industrial District which can be reached by the main road. And the north side is natural hills. The planned area is on the both sides of Luan River, including such areas as Zhuanwayao, Qiuwo and Sandaowan. The total area of the planned land is 5.6 square kilometers.

II. Project Background

Since the reform and opening, Chengde City space development has grown rapidly, expanding from both valleys of Wulie River to the south. Chengde City Administrative Center move to the south can provide the development power for the south area, making the south the new central district of Chengde in the future. As the first startup region of the south area, Zhuanwayao will inject new vigor into the South New Town. At present, its design has been finished by Singapor Bangcheng Planning and Designing Co.Ltd.

III. Planning Objects and Principles

Following the city function orientation of the upper planning, the function orientation of Zhuanwayao Area is to construct a high-quality, modern and integrated city group filled with energy. Taking it as the object, it will try to establish a special and attractive functional city with an outstanding figure, elegant environment and convenient utilization. Finally, the area will become an important window to show the new town approach; an inhabitation center of the south new town abounding in energy and influence; a CBD with high value; and a comfortable place suitable for living and rest.

IV. Planning and Design Content

The project is an important platform to keep the old town as the center, accelerating the new town construction, expanding the city framework and carrying on the population distribution of the old town. The plan is taking "Convenient houses with beautiful landscape, LOHAS New Town" as the planning idea to construct "Landscape City", "Healthy City", and "Energetic City". The planning space distribution is "one center and two poles; one belt and two wings; many groups". The planned land is divided into a community center, five living units, villa area, Commercial Park, scientific and technological park and tertiary hospital area. The community center is located at the core of the land which will be very important as it connects the two banks of Luan River and all the other function groups. The planned total area is 5.1741 million square meters.

V. Cooperation Mode: Attracting international business

VI. Liaison

Contact person: Jinxin, Chengde City Urban and Rural Planning Bureau Planning Compilation and Administration Section

Tel: 86-314-2036580

3. Detailed Urban Design of Shizigou Bridge Node, Chengde City

I. Project Content

Shizigou Bridge Node is the important core node of Imperial Summer Resort and affects the whole landscape of surrounding temples. North to the piedmont from Temple of Sumeru Happiness and Longevity to Puning Temple and Shangerdaohezi, south to the crossing of Puning Road and Wulie River, east to the bank of Wulie River and west to the east area of Temple of Sumeru Happiness and Longevity and Puning Road, the total planned area is 181 ha.

II. Project background

As one of the world heritage sites, Puning Temple is the most complete, important and exuberant cultural heritage among Chengde Eight Outer Temples and it is also one of the most important tourist sites of Chengde. The design of Shizigou Bridge Node Area will draw the outline of the development vision of this area and increase the tourisism potential of Puning Temple, and then change the surrounding areas of Puning Temple into a brand new cultural tourist site of the Eight Outer Temples. At present, its design has been finished by Tianjin Huahui Environment Planning and Design Consultant Co. Ltd.

III. Planning Object and Principles

1. About the scene: to resume the scene of Puning Temple sitting at the top of the mountain overlooking the natural landscape, and improve the sight of Anyuan Temple and Pule Temple.

2. About the function: to try to strengthen the operating auxiliary service function for recreational holidays with geographical diversification, meet the back-moving demands properly, introduce the real estate development of recreational holiday infrastructure reasonably, and provide the distribution hinge for urban tourist bus transportation.

3. About city structure: to develop Wulie River Waterfront Park and Shizigou Park as the main body of city parks while insuring the space continuity of the area, plan the locations of various parking lots, tourist bus routes, hinge and stations properly, and combine the traffic and city function tightly.

IV. Planning and Design Content

Taking into consideration of Puning Temple and its surrounding landscapes, from the aspects of plane layout and landscape construction, holiday village groups, will be build on the land in front of Puning Temple. The holiday villages groups will be earth-sheltered buildings, including such tourist service facilities as hotels, folk commercial streets and open theaters. Courtyard-type buildings for living and time sharing will be built on the land in the south of No.6 Middle School and Shangerdaohezi. An earth-sheltered building will be built on the land around Brewage Plant along one side of Wulie River to improve the visual effect of Imperial Summer Resort from the other bank. Combining with recent and long-term reality of Chengde, try to plan systematically tourist bus routes and stations of the scenic area, complete supporting automobile parking areas, and the city-level tourist reception center at the triangle terra on the west side of Anyuan Temple Bridge. The total planned construction area is 0.88 million square meters.

V. Cooperation Mode: Attracting international business

VI. Liaison

Contact person: Jinxin, Chengde City Urban and Rural Planning Bureau Planning Compilation and Administration Section

Tel: 86-314-2036580

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