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Moutai: where the brand and the land are one      2013-07-16
So there're 10,000 Irishmen living in and around a Guinness factory and it's your job to induce them to move. What are you going to suggest?

Following in the footsteps of founders      2013-07-16
White roads hewn out of limestone cliffs set against an unexpectedly green landscape provide an unusual welcome to airborne tourists as they descend into Guiyang, capital of Guizhou province. It's a three-hour flight from Beijing, and then a two-hour drive to Zunyi, our first destination.

Once isolated, Guizhou is now 'a gem'      2013-07-16
Wang Fuyu's eyes sparkle talks about tourism in Guizhou province. The deputy secretary of the Communist Party of Guizhou fires off a string of data, the most striking of it a 58 percent growth rate in tourism revenue for the first half of this year.

Allure of historic Zunyi      2013-07-16
If you like drinking liquor, you must have heard of Moutai.

Govt efforts to pay back in ecological development      2013-07-16
"We should work together and make a better and safer society for the next generation," said Bertie Ahern.

Danish energy firm has lessons for China      2013-07-16
After many years of green development, Guiyang, capital city of southwestern China's Guizhou province, is starting to attract ecologically friendly industries.

Mountains with heart      2013-05-23
Guilt is a terrible thing to bring to a table. For hours our small bus had been buffeted by nature's wrath, exposed on Guizhou's mountain passes, and only the dexterity and skill of our driver kept us this side of paradise.

Investment, not austerity      2013-05-21
Faith restored. There are differences, not all stark, between the landmasses of China and Europe but there is much in common, too.

Zunyi: the city that decided the fate of modern China      2009-09-25
Decisions that have repercussions throughout the rest of our lives are often made in the strangest of places - in the back of a car, a subway platform, at the third table from the left in the local KFC or even in the WC. Decisions that affect the fate of nations are often reached in the unlikeliest of settings too.

Prowling China's Jurassic Park      2009-09-24

In the art world or in the natural world, green usually serves as a supporting color for red, which blossoms and catches all the attention.

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